November 10, 2022

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Flower Tiles, capturing Nature in home décor

Flowers lift the spirit and attract the gaze. They also provide a powerful motif common to all cultures. We invite you to create the Botanical look with flower tiles.

Throughout history, artists have always been inspired by flowers. Similarly, artisans and craftspeople have used their exuberant forms and colours to create everything from murals to furniture, architectural decorative finishes, and details like column capitals.

Likewise, in the world of interior design, flower tiles are featured in styles that connect ancient times to the present day. There are good reasons for this fascination, which we will explore in this article.

Flower tiles - Craft Collection

Product: Craft Flower 14.7X14.7X0.8  (Available in-store)


Floral tiles: a widespread tradition

Capturing the ephemeral beauty of flowers presents a way to preserve their delicate but elusive qualities. Allusions to the natural world around us are a tried and tested tool for interior designers, contributing to our overall well-being and mental health. The organic lines and strong colours of flowers impact our retinas in a unique way that is exactly how Mother Nature designed them to function.

Historically, we find stylised examples of the Lotus Flower, Fleur-de-lis and the Sun Flower used extensively in decorative architectural treatments. The Arts and Crafts movement in Great Britain was obsessed with autochthonous floral motifs including roses, daffodils, honeysuckle and the iris. Long before the term was invented, these are clear examples of biophilic design, which connect the man-made world with the natural world. Today, with contemporary flower tiles, we are simply continuing this long and illustrious tradition.


Tiles with flowers

There is a number of ways to incorporate floral tiles into home décor. From a repetitive floor tiling motif to a feature wall that recreates an artistic installation. The following tips will help get the best out of floral tiles and avoid some pitfalls.


Abstract flower tile motifs

The curves and fluid lines of blooms become abstracted into geometric patterns. With their instantly recognisable silhouettes, the colours are muted making these tiles suitable for covering larger surfaces. These flower tiles provide character without overpowering the space.


Feature floral tiles

These tiles are more like mural art rather than typical wall tiles. Recommended for feature panels and smaller areas like the kitchen backsplash or the wall behind the Wash Hand Basin. These floral tiles will never wither and die.


Flower mosaics

The flower motifs are smaller, with a more complex geometric pattern on each individual tile. The intricate designs can be repetitive or contrasting to provide greater variety. But the colour pattern and fluid curves look like they belong to a single family. These tiles can be featured on their own or in contrasting compositions.



Floral wall tiles

Walls are the true home of flower tiles. Whether it be the kitchen, the bathroom or the living room walls the decorative possibilities are numerous. Bring the freshness and beauty of spring into the home with these floral wall tile ideas:

  • Living room feature: The fireplace surround in the living room or the chimney breast is a great area for highlighting floral tiles.
  • Kitchen backsplash: Flower tiles brighten up the drudgery of humdrum tasks while working in the kitchen. Never underestimate their power to bring a smile to the face when least expected.
  • Decorative floral bathroom tiles: Create a decorative panel to frame the Wash Hand Basin or a shower cubicle enclosure. Keep the other walls neutral with a more low-key tile to make the flower tiles really shine.


Floral kitchen tiles

Flower tiles are a simple and effective way to avoid sterile design in the modern kitchen. Fitted kitchens tend to be somewhat soulless. Add character and warmth with either abstract pattern floral motifs or more decorative floral wall tiles.


Floral kitchen tile ideas

These examples illustrate that there is nothing dated or old-fashioned about modern flower tiles. Whether it be floor or wall tiles, the addition of patterns and motifs lifts these interiors to designer chic.


Cassic flower tiles
Antique Silver 59.6×59.6 (Available in-store)

Adding classic charm to contemporary design

An example of how the abstract mosaic of flower motifs can create a powerful design statement. The worn and washed-out colours contrast with the gloss white and timber kitchen cabinets. The straight lines and clean volumes of the design are humanised and made warmer with the floor tile. The motifs are not distracting but instead add to the overall effect.

Abstract floral tiles
Craft Butterfly / Crown / Palace / Grey 14.7X14.7X0.8 (Available in-store)

Abstract floral tiles to complement a minimalist kitchen

The decorative floor tiles with an abstract floral motif match the backsplash wall tiles in this minimalist kitchen, blending perfectly and making the space pleasing to the eye. The overall effect is just enough to prevent the space from becoming too cold.

Floral bathroom tiles

Numerous scientific studies provide evidence of the benefits of cut flowers and plants in the home environment. The bathroom is, then, an ideal place to really give vent to floral expression. We recommend combining abstract and figurative examples in larger bathrooms and choosing either or for smaller en-suites, courtesy bathrooms etc.


Bathroom flower tile ideas

These bathrooms show how fresh and inspiring flower tiles can be in the bathroom. With these subtle put powerful design statements the spaces take on the qualities of a habitable room.


Barcelona C 59.6×59.6 (Available online & in-store)

Parts of the sum creating the floral motif

The localised floor tile contrasts the fluid lines of floral tiles with the clean lines of the freestanding Victorian-style bathtub. Plain border tiles separate a timber floor from the wet area. The individual tiles create an overall floral motif that requires four tiles to complete. The colour palette and the pattern, without being too fussy, pull all the elements of the bathroom together.

Deco Treccia Grey 59.6×150 (Available in-store)

A bathroom mural inspired by flowers

The flower tile panel behind the freestanding bathtub shows how a traditional wall treatment can be made contemporary. The practical timber effect floor tile and sanitary fittings are ultra-modern yet warm and tactile. Everything, from accessories to finishes stays within the same colour palette.

Deco Harlem Caliza 59.6×59.6 (Available online & in-store)

Neutral grey décor made interesting with floral motif

The mix of abstract flower tile and plain floor tile in washed-out grey tones prevents this bathroom from being boring. The modern fittings blend into a space that has a lived-in warmth and character. The flower tile provides just the right amount of artistic expression, underscored by the Wash Hand Basin bowls.

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