January 26, 2023

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Best Floor Tile Designs to Customise your Home

Looking for inspiration for floor tile designs? We have gathered together several options for you based on tile size, type and the room.

We live in a world of mass production where home interiors can tend to look very similar. However, there are lots of ways to customise our home décor. Starting from the floor upwards! The best floor designs are customised to the space itself. Just a little more thought can radically transform a standard floor, no matter what room it happens to be. Through this article, we feature floor tile designs for every room in the house. Read on to help ensure your home is a one-off!

Best Floor Tile Designs to Customise your Home

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Years ago, our ancestors knew how to make unique buildings where craftsmanship was used to transform houses into homes. Similarly, today floor tiles design can lend a personalised element to home décor. There are so many options on the market that every decorating style and personal preference can be easily accomplished. The floor is the equivalent of priming the canvas when it comes to interior design in homes.


The basics of floor tiles design

When we choose a tile finish for a specific space in the home, we usually start with the material. Today tiles are capable of realistically recreating natural stone, timber, terracotta and any number of other materials. Nevertheless, it’s always advisable to go back to the source material to get inspiration for the authentic look and feel of floor designs. In other words, timber effect tiles should look to traditional patterns of laying timber floors, like herringbone, chevron etc. While stone effect tiles are better suited to flagstones.


Timber floor designs

The plank-like dimensions of timber floorboards, timber effect tile or even luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) planks are typically laid according to these designs below:

  • Staggered end-to-end
  • Herringbone parquet
  • Chevron parquet
  • Classic & decorative parquet


Timber floor tile designs



Tile flooring designs

Flooring tends to be more practical and less decorative than wall tiles. The typical square tile can be laid in one of three ways:

  • Regular square grid
  • Half-tile slipped
  • Diamond (turned to 45°)


Tile flooring deigns



Rectangular terracotta tiles

In addition to the above designs, for regular square terracotta tiles, the following options take their inspiration from brick floors. Not surprising since terracotta is a type of brick.

  • Staggered length, or height wise
  • Regular horizontal or vertical stack
  • Herring-bone
  • Alternating horizontal and vertical bands


Rectangular tile layout patterns


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Tile flooring designs for every room

Why do we have floor tile designs in the first place? Buildings and construction materials are conditioned by manufacturing techniques and tradition. The possibility of continuous flooring is only a recent development and has its associated downsides. Mostly, in the past we used timber boards and ceramic or porcelain tiles in planks and tiles. It follows that, just like every other surface in our homes, floor tile designs are a way to decorate our interiors. The following illustrations provide inspiration as to how each room in the home can benefit from contrasting and complimentary floor tile designs.


Floor tiles design for the bedroom

Even though the bedroom is not typically tiled in the UK home, this option offers numerous advantages. Tiles are hyper-allergenic (an increasingly important consideration), almost maintenance-free and extremely hard-wearing. Not to mention attractive! The right floor tile design ensures warmth and decorative appeal.


Bedroom floor tiles design

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Classic staggered en-to-end floor tile design

The bedroom décor should be neutral with a focus on the bed. This example of a wide plant timber effect tile is the perfect illustration of how this practical finish unites en-suite and bedroom space. This tile is resistant to humidity and compatible with underfloor heating. Notice how the same tile is used to create a headboard and adds a warm texture to the overall space.


Floor tiles design for the hall

The hall must make a good impression, but the finish must satisfy practical demands like being hard-wearing and easy to maintain. The hexagon tile is a great solution to this space in the home, its own geometry is the floor tile design. Another recommended option for the hall is the more decorative motif floor tile. The hall is the one area of the home where floor tiles design can be more exuberant.


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Kitchen floor tiles design

In the kitchen, we can afford to be a little more creative with standard floor tiles design. This is especially the case when the kitchen is open plan. Kitchen floor tiles design helps differentiate dining areas and work areas.


Square kitchen floor tiles

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Keeping it square at right angles in the kitchen

The large format floor tile design in a simple square grid perfectly reflects the design of the kitchen cabinets. The minimal lines of the panel doors are framed by the floor. The rectified tiles create a continuous flooring effect, the subtle shade compliments the timber.


The motif becomes the design

This open-plan kitchen features a large format marble effect tile in a square grid. The veining of the tiles’ surface becomes the floor tile design and is transformed into the focus of the room. Here the pattern is secondary, helped by the justified tile and the large format.

Bathroom floor tiles design

Bathroom floor tile designs start with the dimension of the tile which conditions the overall décor. Small tiles and larger format tiles create very different results in the bathroom. We recommend visiting your nearest showroom to determine the optimum size tile for your project.


Roman-style bathroom flooring

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Roman-style bathroom flooring

This impacting floor tile design is a variation of the classic parquet. Two contrasting tiles (square tile and timber effect plank tile) are used to create a grid within the bathroom. The shower tray continues the theme. The geometry helps organise and define the space in a visually attractive way.

Floor tile designs for living room

We must apply a different criterion to the living room floor tile designs. Here the floor tile designs should be more neutral, or subtle. The living room floor tiles must be accommodating to different styles of furniture and accessories, and therefore capable of framing them equally. These examples illustrate the point perfectly:


Details matter with simple floor tile designs

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Details matter with simple floor tile designs

This clean and bright floor shows the potential of a simple floor tile design in a herringbone plank. The living room extends over two spaces which are unified with a shared floor. Notice how the threshold between both spaces is treated separately, breaking the pattern. Equally, the perimeter of the room has a single plank tile border treatment. These simple details are subtly transformative.

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Small living room floor tiles design

Small open-plan living room spaces represent a particular challenge when it comes to flooring. Floor tile designs that are not too fussy tend to work best. The trick is to have a uniform finish and keep the colour palette bright and reflective.


Small living room floor tile design

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Orientation of the standard staggered floorboards has an impact on the perception of the space. For a small living room, lay the boards parallel to the longest wall. Here the wide planks and lighter colour help to open out the space and make what is a small living room appear larger.



▶ We only want to put down floor tiles once. It’s the base for the entire room décor so it’s important to really be clear about the various options available. All the more reason for visiting your nearest showroom and seeing the enormous variety of tiles and floor tile designs. Additionally, you can also browse our product selection in our online store.




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