March 13, 2019 | Updated: December 31, 2019


5 decorative styles which will turn your living room into a unique place

The Premium large-format ceramic collections, natural wood, geometric mosaics, underfloor heating and the KrionTM pure white; are just some of the designs from the eight firms belonging to the PORCELANOSA Grupo.

Urban and maximalist aesthetics set the trend for this season.

Located in the central part of the house, living rooms have become the epicentre of family and social get togethers. As well as that, the living room is considered as the best place for leaving  the daily routine behind.

Functional, private, maximalist and practical; the five atmospheres offered by the eight firms from the PORCELANOSA Grupo show the huge number of possibilities that their collections have. A statement where less becomes more and the small detail creates a new aesthetic order.

House Warming: feeling warm at home

This style creates warm cosy atmospheres through the Nobu collection from Porcelanosa which leads the way. Belonging to the HIGHKER Premium Ceramic, this material enhances the authenticity of spaces with its large format and its combination of light and shade.


The ceramic wood from Starwood is another collection which follows that rustic line with a ceramic character. By offering six series, namely: Vancouver, Namibia, Minnesota, Tanzania, Nairobi and Nebraska; along with 26 shades, this product provides living rooms with greater warmth.

We are dealing with intimacy which is also offered by L’Antic Colonial through the Downtown natural wood collection. Its slats are arranged in a herringbone pattern, which give greater lightness to living room areas.

Urbatek is also inspired by nature with its XLIGHT LUSH series in the Nature finish. Its veining is  based on the classical Italian marble and it reproduces that depth which is typical of ancient temples.

Recharge Design: Responsible technology

The underfloor heating system by Butech is one of the other materials which is an absolute must in a living room. The technology of this system makes it possible for the user to have the temperature programmed by means of an app, making sustainable use of natural resources.

Krion™ strengthens both its commitment and its environmentally friendly policy with the KEAST technology, which is applied to its Solid Surface Krion™ K·Life. This thermoforming mineral compact which has zero porosity, helps with air decontamination, resulting in safer and healthier atmospheres for people.


Living rooms: more is more

The Nazari and Sadasi collections by L’Antic Colonial are the best example to confirm this trend. Their lively colours, along with the excellence of their textures enhance the style combination with the same aesthetic order. This is what happens with the Pro_Part decorative profiles from Butech, which limit the original jointless ceramic.


New Art Deco: The glorious 20s are back

The New Art Deco has aesthetic standards from the 20s and 30s renovated with simple and curved shapes, as well as with metallic colours. A principle which is followed by L’Antic Colonial through the Gravity Aluminium series. Made up of small geometric pieces, this mosaic in aluminium makes spaces brighter with its three finishes: Gold, Metal and Copper.

Lights that contrast with the River collection from Ston-Ker (the Porcelanosa Grupo) or the Mirage and Ferroker series from Venis, which imitates fine materials such as: slate, cement and rusty copper textures. The strength of the black marble is achieved thanks to the XLIGHT Savage from Urbatek in its Dark finish.


Modular living rooms: for increased openness

Having the living room and the kitchen connected is possible with the collections and equipment from Gamadecor and Urbatek. The Emotions E6 Roble Torrefacto smart kitchen by Gamadecor offers a pannel-like functional finish that sees the work area hidden from view, and it brings both areas together on the same level.


The Core collection from Urbatek has that timeless beauty of cement with bright designs which are full of nuances and character. Avenue in the Grey finish reformulates the appearance of the granite through a new colour scheme.

Five aesthetic trends which turn living rooms into unique places.

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