April 24, 2019 | Updated: November 14, 2019


Five decorative styles for a unique terrace

Porcelanosa, Venis, L’Antic Colonial, Butech, Noken, Urbatek and Krion present several designs to provide spaces with greater freshness and spaciousness.

The textures based on stone, wood and metal are setting trends this season due to their versatility and dynamism alike.

The arrival of spring and the increase in temperature turn terraces and gardens into the perfect place to escape to, from both daily life and the world outside. There, we can enjoy reading, views of the city and get togethers with family and friends.


For higher comfort and harmony on the terraces, the eight companies from PORCELANOSA Grupo offer five decorative styles which increase and make the originality of these spaces lighter. Fresh summer interior design to get away from everything.

1. Mediterranean style: beach sand as a wall tile

In order to give terraces a warm and idyllic touch, the company, L’Antic Colonial, offers two collections: Vast Desert and Praia. Based on sand from the Mediterranean beaches, the pieces of these materials present a thickness of 3cm and they strengthen the classical structures of the wall tiles. Their colour strength increases the space brightness, turning it into an oasis.

Based on wood, the Forest collection from PAR-KERTM makes the spaces lighter with its matt and varnished finishes. With a 95% recycled composition, it pieces reproduce the colours and the grain of natural wood with pinpoint accuracy.


Atmospheres in search of relaxation and user comfort. Two states of mind which are also portrayed in the Deep collection in the Grey tone and Riven in the Cream tone. These series from Urbatek come with the anti-slip system, therefore its resistance to everyday use and weather conditions increases.

2. Nordic style: A fortress of black and maroon stone

Limestone which makes up the Shallow Rock collection from L’Antic Colonial will turn the terraces into fortresses. Once there, everybody can see what is happening on the outside, but from the outside looking in, nobody can see anything. A perfect defensive line.

The strong brown and maroon colours which characterise this material can be combined with the Street Black Nature pieces from Urbatek, whose sobriety enhances the stately style of the terraces.

A review of the Middle Ages.

3. Rustic style: Reproducing the age-old walls of Japan

The reliefs from the Globe Stick and Brick collections from L’Antic Colonial, are based on old walls from the east. Specifically, in the following series: Nepal, Bhutan and Lhasa. A return to the former Japanese empire through mature tones such as grey, ochre and brown.

A style which is also followed by the Vancouver Silver collection from Starwood, the ceramic wood from PORCELANOSA Grupo. On the borderline between grey and silver, this material allows minimal atmospheres to be created where constructive elements stand out against the decor.

Venis Starwood Vancouver Silver Rústico

4. Zen style: Aesthetic and spiritual balance

In order to achieve an inner peace state, Starwood banks on eastern décor, aka zen, with its Vancouver Brown collection. We are dealing with ceramic wood which champions nature and global balance in each of its formats. As a result of sustainable production processes, the texture of the Vancouver Brown reproduces the softness of wood to which the hardness of ceramics is added. Resistant to water, fire and sunlight; its composition is unaffected when exposed to chemical agents and it requires very little maintenance as well.  Something quite similar happens with the Bottega collection from Porcelanosa, whose sobriety adds balance to the different terrace areas.

This feeling of cosiness and harmony can also be found in the Rox Dark Antislip collection from Urbatek. Being combined with the raised access flooring systems from Butech or Sylstic waterproofing , also from the company, the serenity of the space is enhanced.

The zen philosophy searches for emotional balance through the five senses. This is the reason why Noken, the bathroom company, banks on hydrotherapy for the OUTSIDE bathtubs.  Combined with the stainless steel taps, this equipment improves blood circulation and musculature for the user. Their bubble baths are programmed so that a relaxing and positive experience can be enjoyed. Namaste.

5. Minimal style: Less becomes more

The KrionTM mineral compact turns less into more by meeting the demands of any interior or exterior project. Its Snow White EAST 1100 colour makes simple, enriching and multidisciplinary combinations, which range from furniture to bathroom pieces.

A new interpretation of white is suggested by the Stuc White Nature collection from Urbatek for floor tiles. Its uniform fine lines have an affect on users’ positive mindset.

Comfort as a vital and aesthetic key principle.

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