January 18, 2023


Fitwall® in the retail sector: décor for shops and commercial spaces

A unique material featuring realistic designs – dress your walls in exquisite style

Giving customers a unique and unforgettable shopping experience is about using the right strategic tools: lighting, décor and integrating products seamlessly into your furnishings. This way, you can make sure the interior design of your shop projects your brand image. Fitwall® collections are the perfect solution for retail design.

Design and decoration solutions in the retail sector

Taking inspiration from wood, concrete, natural elements and fired clay, large format decorative panels by Fitwall® perfectly recreate striking volumes and textures, creating room schemes loaded with character and personality. Each model is available in various finishes and shades, making these decorative panels extra versatile and suitable for a range of uses.

Decorative cladding designed by KRION® is suitable for wall coverings, ceilings, furnishings or commercial equipment. Fitwall® large format panels come in a wide range of measurements up to 3.2 metres, offering excellent surface coverage and making them easy to integrate into retail architecture.

Fitwall® is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly product, thanks to its mineral-based composition: the structure contains a minimum of 3% recycled materials and a low percentage of resins. It boasts a wealth of technical properties that make it ideal for retail design, including:

Simple installation: no need for specialist equipment to install or work with it.
– Aesthetics: the various 3D designs offer a unique look.
– Fire resistance: its composition is highly fire-resistant, making it an excellent material for use in retail architecture.
Easy cleaning: it does not absorb liquids.
Resistance and flexibility: the component parts make it firm, solid and tolerant to bending, so you can use it on curved surfaces.
– Adaptability: the material can be cut and moulded to fit any space.
Repairs: any potential imperfections can be repaired using putty, specially designed for each model.

Décor ideas for commercial spaces

The wide range of Fitwall® products encompasses unique and exclusive designs, featuring realistic shapes, textures and colours; which you can both see and feel. These perfect finishes have been achieved by expertly combining craftsmanship and a meticulous approach to manufacturing. The result? Decorative panels that enhance the interior design of commercial spaces.

Mattonella. A fusion of tradition and modernity. Get a rustic, artisan look with decorative panels reminiscent of fired clay. The Rosatto, Paglierino and Anticato models are ideal for retail spaces seeking a design that reflects values related to manual production or nature, such as a bakery or perfumery.

Mur. The relief and textured finish of this model (available in Rock White, Rock Cream, White Clay, Rock Grey or Blur Rock) turns walls into sensational murals. It takes its shape from the stone used for masonry walls in France. Integrating it into your shop’s retail décor scheme will give you an industrial look, especially when combined with other elements in black.

Mattoni. Similar to Mur, the exposed brick look of this series gives it special allure, creating a modern and cosmopolitan ambience. Influenced by the Dutch bricks of the last century, this panel creates an industrial atmosphere, giving it the power to enhance the interior design of commercial spaces such as cafes.

Rolling. The Velvet Black model in this series is the perfect complement to Alluslate® (KRION®) aluminium panels. An exclusive and sophisticated look for your commercial space comes guaranteed.

Other collections such as Shades, Oz, Doghe, Palm and Wave can be used to give spaces a unique and creative feel. The perfect way to harness the power of retail design to project your brand’s values.

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