October 26, 2022


The prominence of fireplaces in the decoration of modern homes

Natural stone, three-dimensional designs and French style are the latest trends for this essential accessory

It is regarded as the oldest element used to maintain a comfortable temperature in a home. Nowadays, this piece fits in with the vast majority of interior design styles. Its decorative power makes it a real eye-catcher.

Symbolic and decorative

The focal point of homes during the winter months, fireplaces have evolved in terms of their shapes, designs, models and structures. Decorating with fireplaces in a modern home can be very simple thanks to the wide variety of options they offer.

  • Modern fireplaces: masonry or industrial style. This option is usually found in the living room, the largest room in the house. Placed on the wall, it creates a contrast of volumes that is emphasised by the dark tones of the wall tiles (XTONE® Nylo Noir) and the grey tones of the floor tiles (Berna Acero from Porcelanosa). It is possible to leave it open, adding warmth and comfort to the room. One option for decorating is to leave the pieces of wood visible.
  • Freestanding fireplaces: a proposal for zoning the space, as well as decorating and heating the home in a more distributed way throughout the room.
  • Natural stone fireplaces: Using natural stone on façades, walls and fireplaces is becoming an increasingly popular choice thanks to the strength and sophistication provided by this material. Stone mosaics by L'Antic Colonial (Essential Hexagon Silver Wood) feature a 3D design, refined finish and elegant veins that make for stunning fireplaces: a strong and versatile option with excellent adhesion.
  • French fireplaces: if they are characterised by anything, it is their elegance and relief profiles with different geometric shapes. They attract the most attention in the space. This style has been updated for modern homes, with rectangular shapes and basic or abstract patterns (Astana Grey and Orobico Dark both from XTONE®).

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