February 27, 2019 | Updated: January 8, 2020

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Finishes, Layouts & Kitchen Tile Ideas

No longer is the kitchen a utilitarian space, relegated to the private zone of the house, but instead nowadays the kitchen is more likely to be at the heart of a home, where entertaining and socialising with family and friends happens while preparing and savouring food.

The kitchen itself has become an expression of design principles; fitted, bespoke, high-tech or traditional, the kitchen is a statement of intent. Although the layout is normally a function of the space available the materials and finishes available on the market can be daunting, here we present some ideas for the kitchen, its optimum organisation, wall and floor finishes, emerging trends in materials and colours.

Kitchen Wall Tile Ideas

The backsplash, usually located behind the kitchen sink and hob, is often extended to provide a practical and hygienic finish to that visible area of wall between the kitchen worktop and the underside of the wall cabinets.

Often selected to match the materials and colours of the other elements used to decorate the kitchen the wall tiles can however provide a dramatic feature, from large format tiles to mosaics, classics like the Metro tile with its bevelled edge to complex geometric motifs inspired by Moroccan culture which although trendy right now in reality is never out of favour.

Kitchen Islands  

When space permits the kitchen island is a highly practical addition to kitchen planning providing extra space for food preparation and accommodating kitchen appliances, add a cantilever and few stools however and it becomes a dining table.

Incorporating strong colours such as emerald green and turquoise reflect the increasing awareness of environmental issues and its place at the centre of our lives. Curved and more abstract layouts avoiding a rectilinear hegemony add an organic twist.

Kitchen Floor Tiles Ideas

The kitchen requires special consideration when it comes to choosing a floor finish; it must be water resistant, easily cleaned and hard wearing. For these reasons ceramic tiles and timber are popular choices, offering endless variations and combinations. 

Worktops and Colour Combinations

Quartz is an ideal kitchen worktop material, its limited porosity, resistance to temperatures and hard wearing nature make it practical while its natural patina with sparkling reflectance brings added glow.

Stone and timber are perfect bed-fellows, the warmth of the latter softening the hard edges of the former, this approach is further underlined when monochrome grey kitchen tiles ideas are added, a neutral backdrop to the myriad colours and textures of the foods and products taking centre stage in the modern kitchen.

Inside Outside Kitchens

As a rule food tastes better al fresco, weather permitting, and the design of kitchens that straddle the indoors / outdoors threshold is an emerging trend right now. Whether it be simply a sliding or folding door to a patio area or an autonomous barbeque.

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