August 6, 2014 | Updated: December 16, 2019

Architecture awards

Finalists of the 7th Porcelanosa Awards: Restaurante Dolores, by Majo Barreña Diseño de Interiores

Among the finalist projects of the seventh edition of the Architecture and Interior Design Awards is the Bar Restaurante Dolores, Buenos Aires, Argentina, designed by interior designer María José Barreña Gualtieri (Majo Barreña Diseño de Interiores).

Aiming to create a modern and contemporary space, designed for the pleasure of the five senses, the designer also chose to use solid, durable materials; in this case the Ston-ker Ferroker ceramic stone by Venis, a material which requires limited maintenance and shows excellent properties even in busy spaces, such as this restaurant.

The ceramic covering’s brown tones with golden specks, installed on the walls of the premises are perfectly combined with the orange, red and chestnut colours of the furniture and the rest of the decorative elements present in the restaurant. These tones contribute to the generation of a warm atmosphere which communicates happiness and positive energy.

The lighting serves to transform the atmosphere of the premises according the time of day or the desired effect, from a meeting with friends to a romantic evening. The lighting system has been achieved through a set of silk lamps which zigzag across the ceiling, strips of LEDs, handmade orange wire spheres suspended over the tables, an original light which falls on the counter, simulating a “rain of caramel” and giant translucent acrylic wall lamps fitted to the walls, covered with the Ferroker ceramic stone by Venis.

Beyond the visual effect achieved, a comprehensive aroma treatment gives off an appealing aroma of chocolate with a pinch of mint, while the inclusion of a system of ambient noise transforms a visit to the restaurant into an experience which stimulates all the senses.

Don’t miss the complete album on Flickr about this project, checkit out following this link.

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