March 15, 2024


QI House: interior design and feng shui

The construction and interior design of this residential complex integrates the elements of feng shui.

The 3,500-year-old oriental discipline seeks harmony and balance. This philosophy has been the basis for the design of this three-storey house with a surface area of 1,603 m2 in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

To establish the correct location and orientation of spaces according to feng shui, the Bagua map was used. It works on the principles of yin-yang and is divided into 9 quadrants. Each quadrant represents one of the five elements and their aspirations. Therefore, wood, earth, water, fire and metal have been incorporated. The introduction of these materials was done in a balanced way and according to the needs of each space.

Feng shui: harmony and decorative balance

In the interior design of Casa QI we find a very refined style, very typical of feng shui. The floor and wall coverings in neutral tones make a strong contrast with the structural elements of the different rooms: tables, sofas and washbasins, among others. In fact, each space respects the orientation and the elements of feng shui, creating the house dreamed by the property.

In the bathrooms of the house there is a chromatic and material line. The neutrality of the marble effect floors and walls (PORCELANOSA) enhances the monumentality of the washbasins. With sculptural shapes, the washbasins are majestically integrated, combined with wenge wood furniture.

The large mirrors installed in the bathrooms increase the feeling of spaciousness and brightness of the space. The taps and accessories in chrome finish (Noken), provide an extra point of light and contrast.

The façade has been clad with XTONE, using a model that recreates Roman travertine. In this way, the outdoor structure perfectly complements the garden, swimming pool and outdoor kitchen.

In Casa QI, vegetation has a special role, replicating the philosophy of feng shui. In addition, in order to project the house as a symbol of harmony and stability, an interior garden has been placed. In this way, it becomes the core and heart of the house. Reinforcing the union between nature and the residents, a tree surrounded by water was installed, contemplated from any space.

Architecture: Tres más dos

Photography: Tres más dos

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