October 2, 2023


Wellness takes centre stage at Cersaie 2023 with the new products from Noken

The collections by the firm specialising in bathroom equipment, stand out at the CERSAIE fair for their innovation and the elegance of its designs.

The new developments in health and wellness technologies, signature taps and the customisation of bathroom equipment are some of the highlights from the firm at the international event.


Noken: total customisation of bathroom fixtures and fittings

Noken presents a series of innovative wellness technologies at this edition of Cersaie, such as the Care system and Noken Energy. The firm also launches new additions to its leading OXO and Lounge collections. Other highlights include the Swan taps, developed in collaboration with ERRE Arquitectura, the I-Comfort tankless toilet and a wide variety of customised finishes for the Round tap handles and the Slender washbasins.

Noken Energy Technology and Noken Care system

In a continuous commitment to physical wellbeing and skin care, Noken expands the functions of its bathtubs by including the possibility of installing the Care system. A new technology that offers numerous benefits such as the activation of cellular metabolism, skin hydration, improved sleep and cognitive functions, thanks to its oxygen microbubbles.

Another wellness option, this time for showers, is the new Noken Energy showerhead. Its jets, divided into numerous small holes (rather than one), separate the spray into micro-droplets, generating a soft and pleasant rain effect that envelops, refreshes and revitalises. This creates a much more relaxing and quieter showering sensation that has not been possible in the home until now.


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Eclecticism in the bathroom with the Oxo and Lounge collections

Noken's Oxo collection features a range of bathroom products with a design in pure and angular shapes. For instance, Oxo taps, focused on energy efficiency and water saving, are available in different finishes such as brushed copper, chrome, matt black and brushed titanium.

The freestanding cabinet in natural oak adds warmth and durability to the space, while the Oxo towel rail combines functionality and elegance with chrome and matt black finishes. And lastly, there is the Oxo thermostatic shower column, which with its different functions, such as the rain effect shower head, a lower outlet (concealed under the shelf), and the hand shower, allows us to enjoy more intense or relaxing sensations.

Lounge is the other collection that takes centre stage in terms of new Noken's new products at Cersaie 2023. The straight-lined taps feature a new matt black finish that adds sophistication. Meanwhile, the new Lounge herringbone cabinet combines natural maple wood with Project Tech technology that adds greater scratch resistance and thermal reparability to micro-scratches using heat.

An innovative towel rail with strategic spaces in matt black finish is also introduced. Finally, the shower column with thermostatic function and AISI 304 stainless steel structure creates an excellent atmosphere accompanied by the rain effect that transports us to the heart of nature.


Finish Studio: care in the design of shapes

Product customisation in the area of interior design is a growing trend. For this reason, a new feature of the Round taps is the possibility of configuring their design through the Finish Studio finishes. Handles in stone or metallic tones to create distinguished and elegant bathrooms.


Key pieces to transform your bathroom

With Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms, innovation and design come together to shape the bathrooms of the future. A new experiential concept based on health and well-being that allows you to have all the benefits of a wellness space inside your home.

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