September 27, 2023 | Updated: 28 September 2023


Gamadecor presents its new collections that will set the trend at Cersaie 2023

The fusion between a minimalist style and versatility define the two new collections for the bathroom, kitchen, living area and bedroom presented by Gamadecor at the Bologna exhibition

Gamadecor returns to Cersaie with a design concept based on personalisation. Highly configurable kitchen and bathroom furniture that makes it easy to adapt to any room, and which is on display in the space of the PORCELANOSA Group, located in Hall 26, Stand A296-B198.

Smile unit CERSAIE Gamadecor

Vertice, personalisation comes to bathroom units

Elegance and modernity. These are the main aesthetic characteristics of the new Vertice collection of bathroom furniture. Inspired by minimalist style, the new Gamadecor series features a wide range of modules designed to be tailored to the user's needs and bathroom size. Rounding out this customised configuration is the wide range of possibilities that Vertice offers in terms of finishes.

At this edition of Cersaie, Gamadecor is presenting two combinations: the first - crafted from Roble Sil Soft and XTONE® Blue Roma Silk - blends nature-inspired elements, resulting in an incredibly sleek design and wonderful surface feel. The second features Roble Cobre Soft and XTONE® Pietra Silicia Textured finishes. A composition that conveys exclusivity and sophistication.

Elegance with functionality in the kitchen

Gamadecor is set to present another major innovation at this year's Cersaie: the Emotions Roble Noche Soft · Roble Puro kitchen design, paired with the XTONE® Astana Grey Nature sintered stone worktop. This elegant and functional design is complemented by the Cristal Parsol Bronce glass cabinets, adding a touch of contemporary sophistication.

Open to the dining room, a shelving unit made in Roble Noche Soft with a 20 cm x 20 cm Sable profile and XTONE® Astana Grey Nature is used to define the transition between the two rooms. A composition with style and functionality that is complemented by the Shape table and two cabinets made with the same finishes.

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A living area and a bedroom full of personality

The Gamadecor hallmark also runs through the living area and bedroom scheme in the PORCELANOSA Group stand. Two spaces where comfort and convenience play an essential role.

The Stripes armchairs in a Turia finish and Roble Noche Soft and Argos Black Pulido tables help to create the cosy ambience so coveted in the dining room. The Roble Noche Soft finish predominates in the bedroom, used for the bed, bedside tables, wardrobe and dresser. Meanwhile, the XTONE® Montreal White Nature sintered stone has been used to tie the various pieces together.

Finishes that bring spaces together

The proposals presented by Gamadecor at Cersaie 2023 have a common denominator. A select range of finishes for transforming pieces and furniture into aesthetic and functional elements. The thematic link that takes into account the finest detail.

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