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Urbatek a Systempool appear on the 8,500 m2 facade at Palma Palace’s Hipotels Playa

Due to its closeness to the sea, the project had to endure adverse natural conditions such as: sand erosion, the wind or the corrosive saltpetre.

The KRION® Solid Surface has an anti-bacterial composition, zero porosity and is highly resistant.

On the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, and just a few minutes from the city of Palma de Mallorca in the Balearic Islands, one can find the five-star Hipotels Playa de Palma Palace Hotel & Spa. A massive complex that offers the most sophisticated comfort.

Opened in the summer of 2017, this project, developed by MSM Arquitectos, is one of the main seaside hotels from the Hipotels chain and it connects with a four-star hotel from the same chain. Both buildings are connected through a huge convention centre.

This massive project presented a huge challenge: to overcome the natural conditions where it is located. Due to its closeness to the sea, the project had to withstand: sand erosion, the wind, the corrosive saltpetre, ultraviolet rays and humidity. In order to avoid these issues, the façade had to be resistant, compact and its finishes had to be at the same level of quality as this hotel & Spa are.

Sound insulation opposite the sea

The special production of through-body porcelain by Urbatek has been combined with the KRION® Solid Surface mineral compact by Systempool, whose finish in the NEO White Natural is present in the building’s façade.

The KRION® Solid Surface has an anti-bacterial composition, zero porosity and is highly resistant. The right decision taken for this seven-storey building. This through-body porcelain presents a level of absorption lower than 0.1%, uniform and resistant to chemicals and abrasion, and which withstands  all types of conditions no matter how adverse they are.

In this way, it is in the terraces overlooking the large pool and garden areas in the complex where the KRION® LUX 1100 and LUX GREY 6903 acrylic stone stands out in the horizontal fronts, and the through-body porcelain by Urbatek in the columns and the vertical structure of the façade. That porcelain can also be found in the upper cantilever, as well as in the rest of the façades.

The work contains areas of bonded façades and others of ventilated façades. Both of them provide a significant energy saving and high efficiency in terms of sound and thermal insulation. The installation of the whole façade was carried out by Butech Building Systems, which ensured its durability over the years. The MSM Architecture studio made use of innovative façade anchoring systems and improved the load transmission.

The modern aesthetics of this hotel has been thought up for a premium public. Its facilities have been created for business stays and also for relaxing holidays.

In its list of services, it is worth highlighting the Spa and Wellness centre with customised treatments and whose wall tiles were manufactured with KRION®. In its outside area, one can find a massive pool surrounded by Libanese beds and deck chairs. Comfort and luxury where personal well-being is a must.

Photography by: Gori Salvà

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