June 9, 2017 | Updated: December 16, 2019


The everlasting craftwork of Starwood reaches San Juan, Alicante

The Starwood series reaches Alicante showcasing its wide range of possibilities for interior design and architecture. The firm has recently organised an event with leading professionals in the sector, whose main interest has been in the renovated showroom from the PORCELANOSA Grupo in the town of San Juan in Alicante.

Exclusivity and innovation, together with quality and modernity, were the values found by over two-hundred architects and decorators attending the event. Furthermore, this event was also an occasion to exchange views and make the latest trends on the market known. It was a warm, relaxing and highly-welcoming atmosphere, therefore, the professionals were able to comfortably enjoy the event having Starwood as a source of inspiration.

Starwood, the everlasting ceramic made craftwork: aesthetical quality and versatility

Starwood was a great success for professionals, because of both its quality and durability, as well as its aesthetical versatility. Furthermore, we are dealing with one of the newest products in flooring and ceramic wall tiles by PORCELANOSA Grupo, which was presented in the framework of the 24th International Global Architecture Exhibition last February.

It comes in four models: Tanzania, Nebraska, Minnesota and Vancouver- where Starwood has been carefully worked as if it were craftwork, carried out from the studio. The objective: to convey the character of natural wood in the twelve different colours of Starwood, ranging from light colours such as the models Minnesota Cream or Tanzania Almond; to the darkest ones, such as the Vancouver Dark or the Nebraska Coffee.

A wide elegant collection full of naturalness where the visitors could see in two different atmospheres: a digital zone and a bedroom. As far as the digital zone is concerned, those attending got to know Starwood from a multisensory point of view. Divided into groups, they interacted by making use of an app which let them combine all the possibilities of this wood-effect material, from colours, to decoration and shapes, as well as discovering its image in different atmospheres. The Starwood collection is highly suitable for installing both in interior and exterior areas, as well as in high-demanding ones, and what is more, it has the necessary features to remain unaffected under extreme weather conditions such as heat or humidity.

Regarding the bedroom, one could enjoy the beauty of the Tanzania Wine model, both in its standard version and the eye-catching decorated Noa Tanzania Wine. This design intermingles straight lines in several directions, which allows for making different patterns.

It is certainly a clear tribute to craftmen and their job through Starwood, a perfect material for contemporary interior designs which evokes origin and nature.

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