August 23, 2017 | Updated: December 11, 2019


Eternal craftmanship from Starwood in high-end shoe design

Creating an atmosphere of concentration and, in turn, comfort and communication, is the objective in workspace design. For this, the choice of floor tiles and wall tiles is key when showing a certain atmosphere, as well as an aesthetic in line with its work philosophy.

In Elda, in the northwest of Alicante, we find Stefanie Shoes, a work space of high-end design footwear whose interior design has been created by the Pablo Muñoz Paya Architecture, corporate and furniture interior design studio. A project that responds to the ambitious challenge requirements of transferring the craftsmanship, purity and quality exuded by the brand to elements that evoke a careful selection of materials and the mastery with which they are capable of taking each shoe to the maximum aesthetic and functional level.

To do this, PORCELANOSA Grupo provided the wall tiles from its Starwood series, a warm-looking material that invites concentration and comfort, capable of combining that artisan, imaginative and innovative feel with first-class functionality, in a simple and orderly way.

Specifically, Tanzania Wine with its Noa set has been incorporated in the front of the office design, a unique piece because of its geometric character that is achieved by combining left-handed models with right-hand models, creating a mural that speaks to nature because of its evocative shapes reminiscent of bamboo, along with its real looking wood effect finish with subtle violet glints.

Beyond this extraordinary touch of personality and character, to give way to the organisation and cleaning areas that a work space requires, furniture in unpolluted white and floor tile in a sandblasted finish have been used. A perfect combination to highlight this product from the PORCELANOSA Grupo, as well as providing the space with greater visual amplitude and a noticeable minimalist touch.

To sum up, a tribute to the craftsmen who take the utmost care with each of their pieces to achieve an exclusive finish at an aesthetic and functional level. As well as its imposing aesthetic beauty, Tanzania Wine responds to the requirements of an easy maintenance material with a unique durability as far as wood is concerned.

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