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Inspirational Ensuite Bathroom Ideas

The ensuite bathroom is a private sanctuary of luxurious pampering. Our design inspiration for ensuite bathroom ideas can therefore be more whimsical and daring.

As well as adding value to the home the ensuite can greatly improve the day-to-day enjoyment of daily bathroom rituals. Unlike the family bathroom, the ensuite is generally an adult-only zone with less wear and tear.

Through this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide to creating the perfect ensuite. From making the most of available space and planning the layout to environmental comfort. In addition, we will advise on the best decorative treatments and materials to use. Read on to discover how to create your dream ensuite bathroom.

Ensuite bathroom with marble effect tiles by Porcelanosa

Bruselas Fresno 19.3/29.4×180 cm

Calacatta Gold Silk 120×270 cm

Ensuite Bathroom Designs

By nature, the ensuite bathroom is smaller than the family bathroom and, therefore, requires meticulous planning. The standard elements that should be included are a Wash Hand Basin, WC, shower or bath.

A fully functional ensuite can be accommodated within an area as small as 2 sq.m. (10 square feet). To fit everything, however, you’ll need to look at creative options for configuring the layout within an existing home layout. One of the following ensuite bathroom ideas might provide the optimal solution for your space:

  • Choose an open-plan layout where parts of the ensuite combine with the bedroom. Typically, the WC is separated within its own enclosure however in this approach.
  • Take advantage of an attic roof space to provide an ensuite with a sloping ceiling. Not all parts of the bathroom need to have the standard ceiling height, 2.4 metres (7 ft 10 inches).
  • Convert a connecting box room to an ensuite bathroom by rearranging the door access. This will have implications for the value of your home however and you should consult a real estate professional.
  • For larger bedrooms reconfigure the space to partition off part of the floor area to use as an ensuite. Remember bathrooms require plumbing and building work will be necessary to facilitate an ensuite.


Open-plan ensuite bathroom by Porcelanosa

The Open Plan Vs Separate Ensuite Bathroom

One of the great advantages of having an ensuite directly off the bedroom is privacy. Morning and evening ablutions can be carried out in a comfortable setting that can be organised just the way you like. With the increasing popularity of the open plan ensuite versus the traditional separate ensuite we have listed a schedule of considerations. The following criteria will help you decide which approach best suits your individual situation.

  • Adding dimension: By joining the bedroom and ensuite together in an open plan arrangement the perception of space and roominess is enhanced. Nevertheless, the separation of the shower cubicle and WC is recommended.
  • Moisture & Odours: There are practical reasons why toilets are kept separate from habitable rooms. They include the need for extra ventilation to remove moisture and odours.
  • Privacy: Depending on who you are sharing an ensuite with there might be conflict of timetable, bathroom habits, tidiness etc. Therefore, keeping the bedroom and ensuite separate might be the best solution.
  • Environmental Comfort: Heating levels and acoustic comfort are not the same in bedrooms and bathrooms. On cold winter mornings we typically want our bathrooms to be well heated. Similarly, the bedroom is a quiet environment where the sounds of the bathroom can be disruptive. Coordinating both within the same space can represent a challenge.


Ensuite bathroom with cement effect tiles by Porcelanosa

Ensuite Bathroom Décor Ideas

The décor you choose is critical to the use and perception of the ensuite. You can customise the area to suit your personal taste and design preferences because it is a private bathroom. And the décor can be more luxurious because it’s generally not a large space and the cost of materials is more affordable. The following tips will help with decorative inspiration.

  • Create a dialogue between the décor of the bedroom and the ensuite. The two spaces are connected and therefore if the bedroom is minimalist or Scandi-style it’s best to keep the ensuite within the same design language.
  • A double vanity unit is recommended for the ensuite. Including two Wash Hand Basins is not only practical but adds a generous surface for displaying grooming products.
  • Consider sliding or pocket doors for the separate ensuite or WC cubicle. These doors save a lot of space within a small bathroom and can look very stylish. Pocket doors are preferable because they insulate sound better than sliding doors.
  • Include storage when planning the layout of the ensuite bathroom. Floating shelves, recessed wall niches or elements of furniture are all sensible solutions that will help avoid clutter.
  • Convert the entire space into a wet room with floor-to-ceiling wall tiles and a central floor drain. For very small ensuites, this can be the most efficient solution to space planning.
  • Make a design statement with your finishes or with a piece of furniture. Remember that the ensuite is an extension of the bedroom and can be decorated more as a room than a functional facility.


Narrow & Small Ensuite Bathroom Ideas

Hotel bathrooms are a great source of inspiration for configuring the small ensuite. Because of space restrictions, the configuration is often very clever, making the most of a small space. The following tips and suggestions are also surefire ways to get the most from a narrow or small ensuite.

  • When planning the ensuite layout keep everything in a line, enfilade style. This provides a practical arrangement for a linear bathroom that looks smart and spacious.
  • Corner Wash Hand Basins, shower cubicles and baths are a practical way to make the most of every available square inch in a small ensuite.
  • A floating WC can make a big difference to the perception of space in a narrow ensuite.
  • Large format floor tiles with rectified edges make a small space appear larger. The effect is for a continuous flooring surface which is less fussy and cleaner looking.
  • Natural light in an ensuite adds to the sensation of luxury. Add a skylight if possible, and if not be creative with your artificial lighting.


Ensuite Bathroom Ideas: Finishes

The most important function of the finishes in any ensuite is to protect the walls and floors from water ingress and moisture.

Nothing says luxury like the marble bathroom, similarly stone, mosaics and decorative ceramic tiles can create a sense of timelessness. These materials ooze luxurious quality and have a sensual tactile presence. The most important consideration is the flooring material. We recommend designing from the floor upwards.


Ensuite bathroom with freestanding bath and walk-in shower by Porcelanosa

Matika Topo 100×100 cm (available in-store)

Flooring ensuite bathroom ideas

  • Large format tiles: whether your preference is porcelain or ceramic there is a wide range of options to choose from.
  • Mosaic: make a designer statement with a mosaic floor in the ensuite. Choose from geometric tiles or floor mosaics to create a customised finish.
  • Natural stone: there’s no mistaking the texture of real stone under foot. Slate, granite, travertine and marble are popular options.
  • Vinyl: Luxury Vinyl Flooring is the next generation of ensuite floors that recreate the warmth and texture of timber without the maintenance.


Wall finish ensuite bathroom ideas

  • Decorative wall tiles: splash out on a decorative wall tile that will bring the ensuite alive. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour and pattern. With the ensuite you can take design risks. Equally dramatic results can be achieved with half-tiled versus fully tiled bathroom walls.
  • Wallpaper: nowadays there are an infinite number of wallpaper options that are resistant to the moisture and condensation of bathrooms. Combine tiles and wallpapers on walls for an artistic look.
  • Paint: add colour and texture with a finish that can work on its own or in combination with wall tiles. The freedom and versatility of paint is hard to match. Remember that ensuite ceilings are also great surfaces for painting. The effect can be very dramatic.


Ensuite Bathroom Lighting & Ventilation Ideas

Natural light in the ensuite is the gold standard. But not all bathrooms connected to bedrooms have access to a window and you will require artificial light after dark anyway. With so many wonderful lighting options today it’s just another tool to create a luxurious ambience in the ensuite.

Whatever lighting option you choose remember that bathroom lighting requires an IP rating (Ingress Protection Mark). In addition, for ensuites that do not have natural ventilation a minimum of 3 air changes per hour (approximately 15 litres per second) is required by law. A quality extract fan will provide adequate ventilation but make sure to choose one with noise control.


Ensuite bathroom with large format ceramic tiles by Porcelanosa

  • Combine several sources of light within the ensuite to allow for both ambient and direct lighting. A central light source and complementary secondary sources as task lighting work best.
  • Make a design statement with a vintage scone lamp or reconditioned antique light fitting.
  • Led lighting in bathrooms can radically alter the perception of the space. Recessed light strips and back-lit bathroom mirrors provide a warm and elegant ambient lighting.
  • Convert the extract fan into a feature with a ceiling-mounted fitting that adds functional beauty to the ensuite. Extract fans don’t have to be only functional. Some models combine lighting and ventilation.


Ensuite bathroom with hydrotherapy bath by Porcelanosa

The Ensuite Bathroom as a Home Spa


The trend towards treating the ensuite as a home spa is continuing apace. After all, if you are going to go to the trouble of constructing an ensuite you might as well go the whole way. These home spa ensuite bathroom ideas are wonderfully self-indulgent, and are just some of the most popular trends right now:

  • Nowadays home saunas are available as kits and are easy to install, even in small bathrooms. The wood lining and contemporary looks of these kits add greatly to the bathing experience.
  • If your preference is for a jacuzzi then a free-standing tub or a built-in tub is a good option.
  • Alternatively, another popular option is for a steam bath. The steam bath can be created by allowing for a large shower enclosure with inbuilt seating and floor-to-ceiling glass screen surround.
  • Accessories such as heated towel rails and metallic faucets also add to the luxurious ambience of the ensuite.
  • Find a place for planting in the ensuite, it’s great for the air quality and connects the room back to nature.


Design your Ensuite with Expert Guidance

We have looked at several different ways that you can add value and enjoyment to your home with an ensuite. Nevertheless, planning can be tricky and expert advice will help optimise your dream ensuite. Make an appointment at your nearest Porcelanosa showroom to avoid mistakes and find inspiration in creative ensuite bathroom ideas.


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