November 1, 2021


The elegance of the matt black tiles by Porcelanosa

This neutral colour has become one of the most used resources by architects and interior designers, due to the simplicity and luxury it can offer to a space.

While viewed by many as the colour of mourning and loneliness, others see it as representative of luxury and sophistication (aristocracy and nobility traditionally used ebony black in palaces), and black has become one of the most used shades by interior designers due to the elegance and proportionality that it can offer to a space. This is especially true for these matt black tiles by Porcelanosa, whose innovative design allows endless combinations.

Although it is true that an excess of black can cause rooms to feel cool or even sombre, its simplicity is perfectly fitting with natural or ceramic woods (PAR-KER®), tinted glass, minimalist furniture, beige textiles or gold accessories.

Matt black tiles for kitchens and bathrooms

Areas such as the bathroom, the kitchen or even the bedroom can appear more refined with matt black tiles by PORCELANOSA Group. Series such as Karachi or Liem in Grey and Black finishes complement interiors which are aiming for a touch of zen with contrasting colours and finishes (black and white, black and green, black and yellow, black and brown).

One of the most commonly used designs in kitchens and living rooms is alternating large matt black tiles with textures inspired by marble or granite, sliding wooden doors or white-lacquered chairs.

For bathrooms, we recommend applying black accents in moderation, in order to soften the darkness of this shade, with wooden baskets, white free-standing bathtubs or solid stone sinks.

The important thing is to counteract the weight of this colour with natural materials, wood, white marble, plants and greenery, gold mirrors and metallic or bronze finish taps (Finish Studio by Noken). To achieve this style, choose three-dimensional matt black ceramic such as Faces by L'ac or Sadasi Safi, which is also made by the Group. The latter collection recovers the techniques of Mudéjar ceramics with a de-ionised hex design that offers greater lightness and character to each space.

"Total black" bathrooms with XTONE®

Total black designs with matt black pieces such as XTONE® reinforce the bathroom's own style, particularly if it is spacious, with large windows or good artificial light to enhance the brightness of the space. Series such as Stark Black Nature and Stuc Black Nature by XTONE® (Urbatek) can be used for floors or walls and enhance this monochrome black design. Based on the contrast of anthracite and cement, these collections can be complemented by white washbasins, suspended taps with metallic finishes, light profiles (Butech's pro-light and Pro-Part Black) or noble wooden furniture that provide a warmer air.

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