August 27, 2019 | Updated: November 13, 2019


Egypt: Egyptian inspiration in the new Venis Wall tile

This company from Porcelanosa Group takes the orography from the country of pharaohs to create a new design made up of tiny triangles in relief.

Ideal for creating focal interiors, the pure white of its surface is lit due to the asymmetry of each of its pyramids which reflects light irregularly.

Venis is inspired by the culture and orography from the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, to create a new decorative wall tile. As a tribute to the Egyptian pyramids, one of the most iconic legacies from ancient times, Egypt presents a geometric design whose surface has small triangles in various sizes and heights.

With a smooth texture and relief, Egypt is capable of transmitting great luminosity and distinction. Made in pure white, its brightness is distributed irregularly throughout the piece due to the asymmetry of each of the triangles which make up its relief, enhancing the depth of the space in which it is installed.

Tactility, purity and luminosity.

Egypt and Starwood ceramic wood: volumetry and character

The new Venis wall tile is especially suitable for designing focal points. Available in a 33.3cm x 100cm size, it allows for a wide range of combinations with textures and finishes.

Among the multiple options, the Starwood ceramic wood provide a soothing contrast to this collection, enhancing its volumetry and character.

Egypt and Starwood Vancouver Silver wall tiles

Other options are Metropolitan, Newport or Urban. Ceramic collections whose texture and finishes go really well with Egypt, creating interiors with great visual agility.

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