December 5, 2019


Ecocycle™, Krion’s sustainable program which reduces waste production

The PORCELANOSA Grupo company has implemented a system which recycles surpluses from its manufacturing processes and reuses them to design new KrionTM chips.

This process maintains the sheets’ characteristics, properties and qualities, minimising the use of plastic materials due to their eco-sustainable composition.

In response to the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN in its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Krion, the company from PORCELANOSA Grupo has implemented a new recycling system called EcocycleTM.


Through it, the company confirms the progress and commitment made to environmental issues with more resistant, durable and sustainable pieces. The EcocycleTM system consists of reusing the surpluses of sheet manufacturing to generate new chips that will later be included in KrionTM collections.

More quality and less environmental pollution

The products obtained through this process maintain the same characteristics, properties and qualities as the standard sheets and, in turn, they minimise the production of waste and the use of plastic materials.

The company confirms the progress and commitment made to environmental issues with more resistant, durable and sustainable pieces

This mechanism reflects the work done so far by the R&D team and the Krion Environmental Quality team. The constant research and technological achievements that have been carried out by all its departments have enhanced the image and the response to the brand name, especially in terms of sustainability and improvement in the quality of life. This is demonstrated by the certificates or typologies in which its products are divided: 6% minimum in recycled content, a minimum of 12% in recycled content, 20% minimum in recycled content and a minimum of 40% in recycled content.


Another of its eco collections is Materia, whose Luce, Grigio and Amaro finishes have a minimum content of 20% recycled material. In total, there are 46 sustainable colours that Krion brings together in its catalogue. Tones which reinforce the ecological and 100% recyclable character by KrionTM.

KrionTM K-Life has been developed with KEAST technology, which has photocatalytic features which help reduce environmental pollution and fight against the proliferation of pathogens on its surface, maintaining all the physical qualities from KrionTM.

Its easy cleaning and maintenance, its zero porosity and its resistance to high temperatures and the passage of time, make it the ideal material to carry out retail projects like sanitaryware.


Quality and environmental commitment united by design.

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