August 20, 2020

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Dressing room ideas

When it comes to the home the design of the bedroom is an area where peace and calm are all important

Avoiding clutter and keeping everything in its place should be the main objectives when it comes to planning the bedroom layout and décor. More so that in any other room of the home storage is critical.

The old adage that you can never have enough storage is even more true for the bedroom. Wardrobes and dressing rooms provide the ideal solution for creating order in the bedroom through additional storage areas. Normally the dressing room is a separate room (but not necessarily), it allows the bedroom to simply be a space of relaxation and sleep.

The following article explores dressing room ideas for larger and smaller spaces. As well as recommending alternative storage solutions within the bedroom if a separate area is no feasible.



The life-changing advantages of a dressing room

  • First and foremost having a separate dressing room makes tidying the bedroom and keeping it tidy much easier.
  • Then there is the improved condition of clothes and accessories which keep their shape and are better protected in a dressing room environment, out of direct day light away from moths.
  • Having the additional privacy that a dressing room provides is also a boon.
  • And finally, an en-suite dressing room will in most cases add value to your home.

Dressing room ideas for small spaces

The conversion of a box room into an adjoining dressing room to the main bedroom is relatively straight forward in terms of construction. Especially where the dividing walls are made from timber stud partitions.

Simply close off the box-room door to the landing and after removing the door frame and architrave, plasterboard over the opening and break through a new opening to the bedroom. Alternatively for larger double bedrooms with floor space to spare an area can be dedicated to a walk-in wardrobe.

This should allow for a system of folding or sliding doors that creates a separate and distinct area off the main bedroom space. Remember that custom made wardrobes can also occupy awkward areas under the eaves which would normally be considered wasted space.




The informal dressing room

If there is a spare bedroom available you can create an informal dressing room by choosing open storage solutions with freestanding furniture. Free standing clothes rails, a dressing table, chests of drawers and a full length mirror is all you’ll require.

You can position floor to ceiling free standing storage units as room dividers to help plan the layout better.




Storage options for dressing rooms

When it comes to dressing room ideas there are a number of practical options depending on the space available, type of home and internal partitions. But all of them share the same basic principle, the customised storage solutions for clothes, accessories and other personal items.

Broadly speaking there are two approaches for fitting out the separate dressing room, using loose freestanding wardrobes and other furniture items or fitted-furniture. Generally speaking fitted wardrobes provide on average 30% additional storage. And the storage can be customised for specific needs.




The fitted wardrobe

If there is no available box room, or other space available for a dressing room or walk-in wardrobe section-off an area of the bedroom to create a fitted wardrobe which unlike the walk-in wardrobe is normally only 60cm in depth.

The ideal option is to occupy a length of wall that takes up the entire width of the bedroom. Fitted solutions represent good value with loads of storage capacity and can enhance the bedroom décor.

Include a mirror as one of the panels and male sue to take advantage of every square cm for shelving and overhead storage.




Essential things to have in a dressing room

Even a small dressing room should be equipped with a few key pieces of furniture. Preferably pieces that can double up to make the most of the space available, such as an ottoman that can used for laying out items of clothing.

Include a chair or a bench for sitting while putting on shoes and socks, a free standing mirror (if not integrated with the wardrobe doors) and a clothes valet or night stand.  Another consideration is the lighting, just like changing rooms in shops lighting in the dressing room requires special attention.

If natural light is not available good artificial task lighting should be provided close to the full length mirror. For a more ambient light the wardrobe should be fitted with integrated lighting that turns on automatically when the doors are opened.




Storage solutions

A dressing room or fitted wardrobe should ideally include a variety of storage amenities, hanging space, trays, shelving, pull out drawers, drop-down hanger mechanisms.

The position of each section roughly corresponds with the body. The guiding principle is that all items should be on display. Click on the link to get additional inspiration regarding wardrobe storage ideas.




The choice of fitted wardrobe or freestanding furniture will establish the overall approach to the interior décor, the design can be anything from cutting edge modern to Boho chic.

Glass sliding wardrobe panels help lend the walk-in wardrobe space an airy quality. When combined with darker wood shelving and drawers the overall effect can be impressive, combing modern and traditional.

The first step to designing the storage system for your wardrobe or dressing room is to take an inventory of the clothes and items for storage that accurately reflects your own individual needs and that of your partner if necessary.

Then roughly calculate the area required and start thinking about custom storage solutions. Remember that ties, socks, jewellery and handbags are all best stored in wardrobes or designated furniture.

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