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Why a double bathroom should be your next home renovation project

A double bath is synonymous with comfort, style and functionality. The best choice for transforming the daily personal care experience.

The double bathroom is one of the most popular concepts when planning a home. Rooms that, in addition to covering basic needs, offer a plus of exclusivity and functionality for couples and families.

A refuge in which to relax, take care of ourselves and rejuvenate. This is the use that the bathroom is currently acquiring in a home. However, users who have to share it may find these applications limited. Faced with this situation, the double bathroom is the perfect option as it allows two people to use the room simultaneously.

Next, we will define what a double bathroom consists of, its advantages and its main characteristics. Key considerations to be able to incorporate this touch of distinction to the home.

Combinación de dos lavabos Slender, dos duchas Round y una bañera Loung, todos de Noken, en un baño doble.

Combination of two Slender washbasins, two Round showers and a Loung bathtub, all by Noken, in a double bathroom.

What is a double bath?

As its name suggests, a double bathroom is the design of this type of room in which two or more people can use it at the same time. It usually has two washbasins or a double vanity unit. This is often accompanied by individual mirrors, vanity units and plenty of storage space. In addition, a double bathroom can include other combinations, such as a separate bath and shower or even a sauna/jacuzzi. Everything you need for the comfort of couples and families.

Advantages of the double bath

A double bath can completely transform the experience of everyday use. Its advantages go far beyond the way couples and families approach their daily routines.

Conjunto Spirit de Krion® Baths.
Spirit set by Krion® Baths.
  • More comfort and functionality: In bathrooms with two washbasins, couples can go about their morning and evening routines without having to wait for their turn. This saves time and reduces stress.
  • Enhanced privacy: By having separate areas for each person, we can enjoy greater privacy while performing personal hygiene tasks.
  • Style and elegance: A double bathroom adds a touch of exclusivity to any home. With customised options and high quality materials, we can create an elegant and sophisticated space that reflects our style.
  • Increased property value: Modern double bathrooms are a sought-after feature in the property market. Also, a double bathroom increases the attractiveness to potential buyers and can significantly increase the value of the property.

Essential elements in a double bathroom

A double bathroom is an oasis in the home. A combination of style, functionality and comfort designed to meet the needs of busy couples and families. To achieve this, it is essential to select the products and materials that best suit our needs.

(1) XLIGHT Astana Grey and PAR-KER® Nobu Arce by Porcelanosa in a double bathroom. (2) Proposal for a double bathroom with the Lounge collection by Noken. (3) Nogal Origin countertop and wall unit from the Natural series by Krion.

Double washbasins

The heart of any double bathroom are the two-person washbasins. These elements enable the convenience of two separate stations and add a touch of luxury and style to the space. They come in a variety of formats and styles: from a double-basin bathroom vanity unit to two freestanding washbasins mounted on the wall or recessed into a countertop. They are also available in different materials such as sanitary ceramics, XTONE, Krion Shell® or even natural stone. Discover in this post 9 types of washbasin for a perfect washcloth.

Individual mirrors

To complement double washbasins, it is essential to have individual mirrors above each element. We can also choose a large mirror that covers the entire surface. This allows two people to use the bathroom simultaneously and increases the depth and brightness in the space. In addition, mirrors can come in different shapes and sizes, from rectangular to oval, and can be framed or frameless. In this link we show you some guidelines for choosing a bathroom mirror.

Double bathroom furniture

A double bathroom requires ample storage space to store toiletries, towels and other essential items. It is also very important to have a large double bathroom cabinet to help keep the room tidy and organised. In addition, wall cabinets, built-in drawers and open shelving are excellent options to complete the look. We should also consider the available area and the amount of storage needed to meet the needs of all users. In this post we show you some keys to select the mueble de baño.

(1) Worktop, washbasins and Motif mirrors made with Habana Dark marble on a Shape Roble Noche unit by L’Antic Colonial. (2) Spirit worktop, One unit and Aro bathtub by Krion. (3) Double bathroom made with Marne furniture and Curve taps by Noken.

Bathtub/shower combination

Having a bathtub and a shower will add more versatility to a double bath. This configuration allows you to choose between a quick shower or a relaxing bath, adapting to your daily needs and preferences. A bathtub and shower combination fully integrated into the design of the space will increase its functionality and add a touch of exclusivity. A practical and elegant solution for the whole family.

Adequate lighting

Lighting is essential in a double bathroom to ensure that it is uniform and that no shadows appear. In addition to the ambient lighting, it is important to have elements directed on the mirrors and vanity areas. This will facilitate tasks such as applying make-up, shaving and combing hair. Recessed ceiling lights, wall lamps and mirror sconces are other options to complete the proposal.

Towel racks and hangers

These practical elements add functionality to the double bathroom. Towel rails should be installed next to the washbasins, while hangers can be placed near the shower or bathtub. Other accessories such as soap dispensers, toothbrush holders and organiser trays should also be considered. They all help to keep the space tidy and organised. It is important that these pieces match the style and finish of the room to create a harmonious atmosphere.

Key points in the configuration of a double bath

Double bathrooms are a space where beauty meets practicality, and luxury meets convenience. For this reason, to achieve the desired result we need to take into account some considerations when planning their design.

  • Available space: It is important to evaluate the available surface area before planning a double bathroom. We must have enough space for two washbasins and for the rest of the proposed elements.
  • Ergonomic design: It is essential to ensure the comfort and functionality of the double bathroom. Consider the location of washbasins, storage and circulation space to ensure optimal flow.
  • Material selection: Durable materials will withstand daily use and exposure to water. For example, moisture-resistant floor and wall coverings, natural stone countertops and other surfaces, together with high-quality fittings, will ensure that the double bath will stand the test of time.

Invisible Play XTONE Invisible White Polished Oak Powder Washbasin by Gamadecor.

A luxury for your bathroom

In short, a double bathroom is much more than a showcase of exclusivity in the home. It is comfort, style and functionality that can transform the everyday experience of personal care. With meticulous planning and well-executed design, a double bathroom can become the perfect retreat for couples and families. The home’s fusion of luxury with practicality.

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