December 27, 2021


Practical tricks and accessories to organise the bathroom

PORCELANOSA Group gives you a series of simple tips to create space and keep your bathroom tidy.

Keeping the bathroom tidy can be tedious, especially if you have little space and time is limited. To help you make your home more spacious and comfortable, PORCELANOSA offers you a series of tips ranging from changing the layout to installing auxiliary cupboards and columns.

Wall-mounted furniture and toilets

Clearing the central area of the bathroom is one of the first things you should do to increase comfort. To do this, you can use neutral colours such as white, beige and grey or install wall-mounted furniture to store bathroom utensils without occupying much space. Units such as Essence-C and Form in Almond finish by Noken, Hem by Gamadecor and Column by L'Antic Colonial will help you better classify bathroom items thanks to their compact structure and spacious drawers, which have a convenient push opening system. The Minim Crema Italia marble washbasin (L'Antic Colonial) and Skill Pizarra by Gamadecor combine lightness and an elegant style, in bathroom fittings with a refined neoclassical touch.

Traditional floor-fitted toilets have become obsolete due to their size and inconvenience. Many people are instead opting for wall-mounted toilets with clean, minimalist lines. Models of this kind include Essence-C Compact by Noken and Column by L'Antic Colonial. Their clean white designs make the bathroom lighter and more hygienic, as they are easier to clean.

Minimalist bathroom shelves and columns

Store shower gel, shampoo, brushes, hygiene products, small boxes and soap in the bathroom, so that they can be easily located, by installing open shelves or side columns.

These items can be chosen to match the colours in the bathroom or create a tasteful contrast with the room's predominant colours (wood-stone, stone-ceramic, cotton-wicker). This type of unit includes the columns of the Nest collection (Krion® Lux Snow White Solid) and Natural by Krion Shell®. The advantage of this type of unit compared to traditional fittings is its design, its natural textures and its generous storage capacity, with shelves for storing anything from folded towels to creams or small electric appliances (hair straighteners, hair dryers, etc.).

Better a shower tray than a bathtub

Another idea for gaining space and comfort in the bathroom is to replace your bulky bathtub with a shower tray linked to the rest of the bathroom by means of a glass screen or a resistant floor. A unified look that can be achieved with Butech Shower Deck shower trays or Krion® screens (Java and Óptima collection).

Butech shower trays are installed flush with the floor and conceal outlet pipes, keeping the bathroom clear of obstacles and dividing elements.
Made of polyurethane coated with thermostable polymers, Shower Deck allows water to run out through its 4 mm open slots, which form a symmetrical design.

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