May 19, 2016 | Updated: December 16, 2019

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Discover the essence and pure innovation from Venis, in a virtual tour

Getting inside and feeling the pure innovation from Venis is possible with just one simple click.

Completely accessible and free of charge, the PORCELANOSA Grupo firm offers users the latest version of its virtual tour, a computer application or mobile device, mobile and tablet, which offers users the chance to get inspired by the essence and distinction of its 2016 showroom.

In order to satisfy both professionals and the general public, the new Venis virtual tour is set up as a tour through the different atmospheres that make up the firm’s showroom, from living room spaces to the most sophisticated or bathrooms or kitchens.

In addition, we can note some of the most innovative projects in floor tiles and wall tiles, from the bright, geometric Prisma collection; to others such as Concept, included in the selection of Premium Collection products; or Corinto.

Venis and its High-Tech porcelain

Another feature that Venis can put on show is the high performance and high-tech qualities of its materials.

The company dedicates much of its efforts to High-Tech floor tiles and wall tiles manufacturing, as well as its high quality, making its pieces based on mineral elements chosen specifically for each porcelain model.

Its homogeneous preparation in the manufacturing process reaches a big compaction after the heating process, with some really beautiful and unique aesthetic results, ranging from the veining and fossils, to degraded gloss or matte.

Undoubtedly, this is the meticulous work that allows Venis to be a world leader in the manufacturing of ceramics, offering unique alternatives to both architecture and interior design.

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