January 4, 2023


The best XTONE designs to create warm and welcoming environments in winter

Caramel and chocolate brown brushstrokes penetrate rooms

This year, winter comes with a timeless colour palette inspired by desert tones, such as terracotta, reds, browns and mustards. Together with more neutral colours, XTONE presents the most spectacular designs.

The most distinguished interpretation of marble

Various rooms become works of art thanks to large sintered stones, which dress walls and floors with their strength and elegance. The Fiori Di Bosco and Astana Grey design, with its fossil details and stone nuances, provides great depth and character. The grey and cream gradient of Fiori Di Bosco enhances the brightness of bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms, while Astana Grey's design features a soft grey colour scheme with veined brown tones to bring a touch of distinction.

The most winter colours come together in Paonazzo Biondo. The ivory façade with the caramel, sage and merlot veins combines perfectly with the gleam of golden notes to decorate the walls of living rooms and kitchens. With a similar design, the marble effect of Calacatta Gold offers infinite possibilities. A timeless classic that adds elegance to rooms.

Inspired by natural wood, Ewood Nut adds a touch of refinement, warmth and sophistication to a room through its intense colour, characteristic of hazelnuts.

Rounding out the decoration in these rooms by XTONE are chairs and accessories with geometric shapes and warm colours, such as rust, beige or greige. Plain textiles in very soft neutral tones and vases with dried flowers convey a feeling of calm and tranquillity. This cosy atmosphere beckons you to have some hot chocolate or coffee on the sofa while enjoying a good book, series or music.

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