February 19, 2015 | Updated: December 16, 2019


Designer’s Spaces 2015 by L’Antic Colonial: the Piet Boon bathroom

PORCELANOSA Group’s 22nd International Global Architecture Show has served as a platform for the presentation of new Designer’s Spaces of the L’Antic Colonial showroom. Little by little we are seeing the intricacies of these sublime designs, created by six prestigious firms, giving shape to the materials of L’Antic Colonial. Today we discover these unique designs with the bathroom atmosphere designed by Piet Boon.

The Dutch designer has created a timeless and relaxing bathroom through a transparent design where natural stone is prominent, and where each element is strategically placed to stimulate the senses of the user. Thus, as Piet Boon explains, for creating this space, the space was taken as a canvas, where the walls serve to frame the stone as if it were a piece of art.

To highlight the beauty of the material, the Montreal Classico model by L’Antic Colonial has been used both for the flooring and as a wall covering in this space. This is a natural material with a relaxing, smooth beige tone, with which different elements of the atmosphere have also been created: bathtub, shower and washbasin. In this way, the designer eliminates the possible distractions produced by the inclusion of pieces of furniture.

The lighting, blurred through a curve which joins the ceiling with the white walls, helps to create a calming atmosphere, focusing attention on the sculptural dimension of elements like the bathtub, through a more direct lighting. Both the washbasins and the bathtub and the shower have been completed with taps by Noken.

Founded in 1983 by designer and master craftsman Piet Boon, this studio has taken over a carpentry workshop in Oostzaan, the Netherlands, later renovated into a small interior design studio. Throughout over thirty years of its career, Studio Piet Boon® has gained international recognition from the sector through its numerous multidisciplinary works which have the common factor of a balance between functionality, aesthetics and individuality.

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