March 12, 2015 | Updated: December 16, 2019


Designer’s Spaces 2015 by L’Antic Colonial: Cardete et Huet Architectes’ Suite

Instead of working in a single space, the designers Francis Cardete and Gérard Huet have chosen to create a full suite which allows a visitor to tour the room whilst taking in the different elements, sequences and natural materials by L’Antic Colonial.

A minimalist-decorated room and a bathroom define the 25 square metre space designed by this architecture and urbanism studio with more than 40 years of experience in international projects. The French architects have conceived an open clear space with a total surface area comparable to a standard hotel room, where the different uses are delimited by a play of overlays.

With the aim of giving shape to this project, Cardete and Huet have combined the three top materials by L’Antic Colonial in the same space, in other words, wood, natural stone and mosaics. Furthermore, the Linkfloor Contract vinyl flooring has been used at the entrance of the room, a very suitable flooring for hotel projects because of its hygienic qualities and its low maintenance.

Once inside the room, it’s difficult not to taken by the stunning headboard. It has been made with the Arctic White Classico marble , which provides the element with an air of a sculpture. This natural stone has been used on the great 485cmx50cm countertop, which goes along one of the walls of the room. Therefore, in the same bedroom space we find this continuous bench giving continuity to the living-room, where it is articulated to create a dresser area, and thus reaching the bathroom to accommodate the washbasin.

The bedroom walls have been tiled with Delhi Natural Home slate, providing the design with a rustic touch because of the wild appearance of this natural stone. In order to achieve a more comfortable environment, the room flooring has been tiled with the Eden 1L Sand  natural wood parquet  by L’Antic Colonial, also used in the creation of the bed structure and the auxiliary piece of furniture located underneath the marble bench.

As far as the bathroom is concerned, the wide watering area has been left open, behind a glass wall. On the contrary, the sanitary ware remains more private, hidden behind a wall. By achieving an elegant contrasting effect, the L’Antic Colonial Mini Iris Black Pearl mosaic has been used all over the bathroom, resulting in a more intimate atmosphere in this space.

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