December 17, 2020 | Updated: July 4, 2022


Design meets sustainability with Butech's LED profiles

The PORCELANOSA Group firm offers ultra sophisticated profiles for ceramic floor and wall tiles to give you a sense of infinite space.

Warm, cold, indirect, diffuse, fluorescent, neon or halogen... in interior design, lighting is key.  The lighting you choose will have an influence on how a space feels and the type of décor you opt for. The first thing you need to do is select the materials and type of lighting you would like to use in each room.

To make spaces lighter and give a sense of order to each zone, especially in places like bathrooms and living rooms, PORCELANOSA Group firm Butech has designed new generation decorative profiles in more refined and natural finishes for ceramic floor and wall tiles.

Backlit profiles for indoor or outdoor use

Backlit with LED lights, the new ranges showcased by the brand at the PORCELANOSA Group Virtual Exhibition enrich spaces thanks to their versatile forms and sophisticated look. Examples include Pro-light profiles in Silver and Black finishes, which can be used either on walls, or interior and exterior flooring, with a thickness of 7.5 mm making them ideal for large XTONE pieces.

Of all the innovative designs, the LED COB lights especially stand out. These units contain numerous LEDs in one lighting module, offering enhanced lighting performance and concealing individual light points in IP20 and IP67 formats. The former is perfect for interiors, and the latter can be used outside and can come into direct contact with water.

If you are looking for more intimate lighting you could also incorporate Pro-Telo Light profiles that conceal the metal side of the profile and only leave the diffuser on show. 16 mm wide and available in two finishes (Silver and Black), this profile creates a line of light, and the natural sheen and lightness will add personality to any space.

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