October 29, 2021


Décor tips for a rustic bathroom

Natural or ceramic wood floors, stone wall tiles and free-standing baths are some of our tips for decorating your rustic bathroom.

Classics are becoming the new modern. It was the maxim followed by Renaissance men, looking to ancient Greece and Rome as the perfect model, and it's now making a comeback amongst a number of designers and interior designers seeking a more rustic style.

Restoring antique or vintage furniture and giving it a new use, using natural or ceramic wood to create warmer spaces, cladding walls in stone, incorporating woven rugs, and leaving wood beams exposed. These are just some of the tricks you can use to give your bathroom a rustic look. Let's take a look at some ideas.

How to design a rustic bathroom

When you're decorating in a rustic style, wood is key. Paving or cladding floors and walls in oak or wood, or even PAR-KER®, a ceramic wood collection by Porcelanosa, will give the space that coveted warm look. Collections like Oxford or Devon from PAR-KER® will make this moisture-prone space safer and more resistant, thanks to their excellent technical performance and unalterability in the event of temperature changes. Natural stone sinks by L'ac and Noken's vintage Lignage taps in a gold finish will lend an antique look to the room.

Rustic style décor

Free-standing bathtubs, Tono taps (by Foster+Partners for Noken), carved wood stools and woven rugs in natural textiles are all perfect ways of achieving this bathroom style.

Rustic bathrooms with a shower

You might want to add some contemporary accents too. You could go for a shower column with a natural or ceramic wood enclosure and Butech Shower Deck shower tray, or Round taps in a matt black finish (Noken). The 3 mm open joints of the shower tray mean you can integrate it seamlessly with the rest of the flooring.

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