October 5, 2022 | Updated: December 20, 2022


KRION® presents its bathroom and cladding solutions at Cersaie 2022

The firm's new developments include large-format aluminium decorative panels, new countertops and bathroom furniture

Unique and unlimited designs with the new CUBIK mirrors and the NER bathroom series that stand out for their simplicity and functionality are the new proposals that the PORCELANOSA Group firm will showcase at the Bologna trade fair.

Highly customisable rooms

The solid surface KRION® Lux is a material with a high mineral composition, which gives it characteristics such as resistance, durability, easy cleaning and maintenance, thermoforming capability, almost zero porosity and imperceptible joints, allowing for the creation of unique and unlimited designs. It comes in more than one hundred colours, some of which can be backlit, making it possible to create highly customisable rooms.

The new tonal range of KRION® Lux, Nebula Grey complements the Nebula White and Nebula Vanila line, within the Luxury series. Nebula models stand out for their soft lines and ethereal shapes. Their serpentine veins and imprecise contours contrast with the uniform tones of the background, creating a pleasant sense of calm and lightness.

Decorating large spaces

The Alluslate® aluminium decorative panels are created for interior spaces, both commercial and residential. This material is covered by means of a printing system that achieves a high image quality.

It is subsequently protected by a highly resistant coating. There are two finishes available: texturised (Matt) and glossy (Glazed). The material, which is resistant to humidity, can be installed on vertical surfaces and as cladding for equipment or furniture, adding a distinctive touch to spaces without the need for building work.

Designs by Fran Silvestre

From KRION® PORCELANOSA Group comes NER, the new countertop and bathroom furniture collection designed by Fran Silvestre. With KRION® Solid as the material chosen thanks to its resistance, uniformity and distinctive white colour, the surfaces are characterised by sharp, polyhedral shapes. The new CUBIK mirror is also an ideal complement for any bathroom. Thanks to the 4000k LED edge lights and the design of its rectangular frame, the light is dissipated generating both zonal and ambient lighting.

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