November 3, 2022


Ideas for decorating bathrooms with accessories

This room is associated with personal relaxation and well-being, so decoration plays an important role

Whether you are after a classical, elegant or minimalist finish. Designing your bathroom with natural pieces, suspended furniture and organisational elements is possible in the style of decoration you are looking for.

Decorative elements designed in natural stone, resistant and durable, inspire the purity and elegance of this room. In the form of a tray, vase or glass for personal use, the Motif collection by L'Antic Colonial adds that sophisticated touch. The introduction of natural plants helps to increase the feeling of warmth and comfort, which is so characteristic of this space.

Greater sense of spaciousness

Installing a washbasin or a suspended toilet is the perfect option for a guest bathroom, but without sacrificing storage by decorating it with baskets or wicker boxes with the same finishes. A very decorative effect that makes cleaning easier. You can also choose the option of open cabinets, which maintain a feeling of spaciousness and visual order.

In a bathroom, wood, combined with minimalist pieces, creates a cosy atmosphere of relaxation and retreat. Another option to achieve this atmosphere is to install wooden furniture such as the Side Roble Alba set by Gamadecor.

Decorate using bathroom shelves

Maintaining order with beauty and hygiene products is difficult, so Krion® proposes the use of shelves as a decorative element. Cosmetics, air fresheners, body creams, hair products or candles, ideal for adding a touch of colour to the room.

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