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Decorating with contemporary colour: Mustard yellow home decor

Colour is back. And strong colours are at the vanguard of colour in the home. Every era has its own relationship with colour; in the late 19th Century mauve created a sensation when it was synthesised artificially for the first time. The polychromatic decoration of Egyptian, Greek and Roman sculpture and temples discovered by archaeologists in the early 19th Century influenced a fashion for strong colour in Napoleonic Europe. While the introduction of colour photography for interior design publications during the 1950s transformed the suburban home of the time with brightly coloured formica, upholstery, rugs and other materials.

Today perhaps in recognition of our shorter attention spans we have an official colour of the year, sponsored by Pantone. But behind all the art and fashion there lies a lot of science. The psychology of colour is based on the different wavelengths associated with different colours and their emotional resonances when processed by the human eye. Each colour has a range of psychological attributes that although subjective do appear to be codified in the cultural expression and perception of colour.

Mustard yellow

The sensations most often associated with yellow focus on its properties of positive optimism, a colour that denotes confidence and self-esteem, is extravert, friendly and creative. Mustard yellow is somewhat darker than classic yellow, and perfectly described by its association with the world’s most popular condiment. Mustard brings out the flavour in the dishes where it is used and similarly mustard yellow is a colour that is best used in combination with other complimentary colours, colours that are non primary colours, such as green, dusty pink, peach or mauve.

Yellow is also a colour associated with caution, a colour that is impossible to ignore, considered to be the strongest colour psychologically, associated with ‘go’ at the traffic lights, or with being visible while riding a bicycle.

Mustard yellow home accessories and décor

Decorating with Mustard Yellow then is something that should be approached with care, it is undoubtedly a colour that will make an impression but as stated works best in orchestra with other sympathetic colour tones. Mustard Yellow is consider to be daring, in reality it’s a question of getting it right, the following suggestions provide some tips and ideas for introducing Mustard Yellow into the home on a room by room basis.

Living room: mustard yellow living room

The living room is a place of relaxation; here mustard yellow should be used in a sparing fashion. Painting or papering an entire room might be considered over kill, instead the use of Mustard Yellow as an accent colour for a feature wall, an alcove or for furnishings is more appropriate. Decorative objects or accessories will provide a visual statement when evenly dispersed through different zones.

Mustard yellow living room decór should include the sofa which provides an ideal opportunity to introduce the colour and exploit its properties. When used in combination with other colour tones for cushions it can be an eye-popping feature, while Mustard Yellow used to upholster a couch could equally make a statement in a living room provided there is a balance of other more neutral tones.

Kitchen: mustard yellow kitchen suggestions

Given its culinary roots the use of mustard yellow in the kitchen is a natural place to introduce this evocative tone. Here decorating with Mustard Yellow can be expressed in the utensils and paraphernalia used on a day to day basis in the kitchen; crockery, place settings, glass ware, cutlery, etc.. To instantly brighten up a space that may not have much natural light Mustard Yellow can be used for the textiles in the kitchen; upholstery for cushions on chairs and stools, table cloths or napkins, curtains etc. Or perhaps an artwork on the wall, the colour acts like a shot of natural sun light.

Credit: @tegelideemol

Rest and relaxation: Mustard Yellow bedroom ideas

The bedroom provides many surfaces where Mustard Yellow can be used as an accent colour, for a headboard or the bed clothes, a throw perhaps placed over the bed or a colourful upholstery pattern where Mustard Yellow is incorporated as part of the design. Here too incorporating Mustard Yellow in bedroom décor could be a rug at the end of a bed or an upholstered armchair with a reading light, perhaps the only corner of the bedroom that should not necessarily be conducive to sleep.

Mustard Yellow in the bathroom

The bathroom requires a light touch, perhaps an accent tile for a walk-in shower or a dado tile around a three quarter height ceramic tile wall cladding. Another option for featuring Mustard Yellow in the bathroom would be for accessories like soap dishes or dispensers, towels or bath decorative vases.

Credit: @neoprades_studio

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