August 22, 2022


Proposals for the design of small kitchens

Closed door systems and thoughtful cabinet structures create space and storage.

Ingredients are essential in every house’s pantry. The same applies to the design of a small kitchen: there are a series of elements that cannot be forgotten but which have to be adapted to smaller spaces.

Practical and functional designs

Small in space but with great organisation solutions. Well-designed internal configuration of the cabinets in a small kitchen favours tidiness and easy visibility of kitchenware and table linen. The backlighting included in the shelves turns each of the objects into decorative elements (Bieder module, by Gamadecor).

One way to optimise every nook and cranny of the kitchen is to opt for a U-shaped structure, a perfect choice to make the most of the storage capacity (Projects 1.80 Zinc, Eucalyptus Smutty and Compacto Blanco, by Gamadecor).

To enhance the utility of shelves, hooks are a useful resource with a dual function of hanging cups and utensils while at the same time giving the room a fresh and stylish look. The installation of rails, meanwhile, facilitates the placement of glasses and bottles together with the showcases as a simple and convenient decorative piece with a large volume.

The ‘hiding’ effect of furniture

The structure of residential buildings has evolved to now be conceived as open and multifunctional spaces. In the pursuit of integration with a small kitchen, concealed door systems have become common. This concept features four doors that fold open from the centre and rest where the electrical appliances are located, allowing them to always be accessed whether the structure is open or closed.

The closed door system must be configured based on personal needs and patterns of daily use. They extend storage capacity and can include the washing area, the cooking area or both (New kitchen E7.90 Black Oak E3.90 Grey Trama Ghost, by Gamadecor).

If there is a preference to reduce visibility in favour of lightness in small minimalist kitchens, panelled appliances and wall units are the simplest and most practical option.

Pull-out tables set in the central island are an ideal solution in long, narrow rooms where it is important to gain as much space as possible. This option functions as a surface for social dining while at the same time making it possible to extend the worktop area, making cooking much easier (E7.90 Pure Oak E4.90 Snow White Matt kitchen, by Gamadecor).

Both proposals conceal objects and are perfect for gaining space and transmitting a greater sense of cleanliness and order, helping to create the desired versatility for this area.

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