14 December 2020


Deco Matt by Porcelanosa, a fresh take on white

The firm expands its collection of wall tiles with the most natural of textures and abstract geometric designs that turn walls into true artistic murals.

Porcelanosa builds on the power of white with its new Matt tiles. Featuring more natural textures and plays on volume that echo the movement of waves and leaves, the nine series included in the brand's collection turn walls into true artistic murals.


The subtlety of white

Deco Matt white wall tiles


Deco Matt Line   

Deco Matt Brasilia

Available in 59.6 cm x 150 cm format for walls, the tiles come in finishes with patterns inspired by nature (Spiga, London) and more geometric designs (Brasilia, Line and Hidráulico), and make for brighter spaces thanks to their purest white hue.

Deco Matt white wall tiles


Inspired by sea waves, Deco Matt London tiles feature subtle lines with a restrained effect of movement that will lighten the feel of walls.

AThe tiles go perfectly with any type of interior design thanks to the white design. Especially Mediterranean and Nordic styles, where you could combine the white with wood furniture, rattan lighting, natural textiles and plants.

Art in ceramics

Deco Matt Hidráulico




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