June 27, 2019 | Updated: December 16, 2019


Dark kitchens: innovation, brightness and originality

The E7.30 oak night, pure oak and cobalt blue matt kitchen by Gamadecor follows the guidelines of the very latest trends.

The nuances and contrasts which appear from the symbiosis between night oak and pure oak tones create light and clarity points which certainly make an impression.

Breaking with the Nordic style standards which have set trends in kitchens in recent years, dark tones prevail with more and more strength. Following this line, Gamadecor presents its most innovative model, namely: E7.30 oak night, pure oak and cobalt blue matt.


The latest innovation in dark furniture by Gamadecor

The texture and tonality of night oak leads the way in the kitchen. It is wood with carved out grooves that brings great naturalness and elegance to the atmosphere. The storage area is distributed between the peninsula and the walls almost imperceptibly; great storage due to drawers and cabinets which remain hidden from view, thus taking full advantage of every centimetre. A shelf placed on the wall made of pure oak is the only area where the shelves are visible; done to dynamise the visual lines. In addition, the chromatic merging with cobalt blue helps to break the continuity, providing a subtle amount of freshness.


The working area and the extractor hood, made of Amarula Vintage granite, are situated in the middle. Some of the functional advantages of this stone are its resistance to high temperatures and its easy maintenance. From the peninsula, a bar in pure oak which generates chromatic contrasts and improves the brightness of the atmosphere has been created. The legs of this bar, which acts as a kitchen table, have a sophisticated finish, namely: Cien Sable; which keeps the lighting combination created in the area.

The original Saturno lamps by Gamadecor complete the design of the space, providing the right amount of light and reinforcing its elegant and contemporary style.

The aesthetic and functional characteristics of the E7.30 oak night, pure oak and cobalt blue kitchen by Gamadecor make it a benchmark of quality among the trends in 2019.

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