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Ideas for lightening dark bedrooms

Just as loud noise is not conducive to sleep exposure to light can also interfere with a good night’s sleep. In an increasingly sleep-deprived world creating the optimum conditions for sleep should be the focus of bedroom décor. This means using darker colour tones, adapting window treatments and coordinated artificial light sources. This article explores ideas for dark bedrooms starting with a few FAQs regarding dark bedroom design ideas.

Dark bedroom FAQs
Ideas for brightening up a dark bedroom

If the bedroom has a north aspect or its windows are small a good idea is to go with the flow. Make the most of the darker conditions which at the end of the day will be more helpful in getting off to sleep and achieving the requisite hours rest.

How to make a dark room look brighter

Be judicious with the choice of wall finish, whether it be paint or wall paper. Lighter shades can look dull when there is little natural daylight to reflect. Instead a deeper saturated shade, a mid tone colour choice will work better. Remember it will look darker when used over an entire wall compared to a small sample.

How to make a dark bedroom brighter?

The secret is in the choice of soft furnishings, accessories and bedding. While the wall finish can set the tone of the room other elements can brighten and enliven the bedroom.

Tips for choosing a colour for dark bedroom ideas

  • Dark blue bedroom ideas. Blue is associated with calm and rest making it an ideal choice for the bedroom. The sheer variety of dark blues is inspirational, and means whatever your taste there’s a shade of blue to suit. Feature a dark midnight blue as an accent wall colour or incorporate in furniture upholstery combined with a complimentary shade of bed linen.
  • Dark grey bedroom ideas. Dark grey is an excellent choice for bedrooms walls. It’s a classic and timeless colour that creates the optimum backdrop for more daring and colourful accessories. Use contrasting tones and textures for different elements like upholstery, wall finishes and bed linen to lend greater depth.
  • Dark green bedroom ideas. Green is the colour of the moment. Dark green when combined with timber flooring or larger items of furniture like the headboard will compliment one another.
  • Dark teal bedroom ideas. Teal works well with dark timber as well as subtle colour tones including light greys, creams and blues.
  • Dark purple bedroom ideas. Dark purple is an impacting choice. Full of drama, purple should be used sparingly however. A feature wall, either painted or wall papered, combined with more neutral pieces of furniture. Purple is a mixture of blue and red, variations on these shades compliment dark purple.
  • Navy and blue bedrooms ideas. The natural bedfellow for navy blue is white, but keep in mind that off white will provide a warmer contrast. Combine with other blue bedroom colour ideas using lighter shades for throws, decorative pillow arrangements and soft furnishings.
  • Black bedroom ideas. There is no more dramatic colour choice than black for creating a moody bedroom décor. Consider a polished black stucco wall finish or Venetian plaster which combined with matt colours for furniture accessories can create a cocoon like sleeping space.

Flooring for dark bedrooms ideas

When it comes to dark bedroom ideas choosing dark stained timber floor boards can not only feel warm under foot but help highlight other colours in the bedroom. While dark bedroom walls can be lightened during the summer months with a change of draperies or bed clothes.

Dark bedroom furniture ideas

Dark wood bedroom furniture provides the gravitas required for fulfilling the room’s prime function. The bed frame, the bed board, armchair or bedside table are obvious choices for dark wood bedroom ideas.

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