March 3, 2015 | Updated: December 12, 2019


Cutting-edge technology for sustainable bathrooms with Mood electronic and digital taps

One of the most transgressive elements in the Mood bathroom equipment collection -designed  by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners & Luis Vidal + Architects for Noken-, are its electronic taps. In addition to the futurist design characterising the Mood concept, the technological innovation of these taps  for basins, bathtubs and showers, results in a very important advance with the aim of making more responsible use of the resources.

Mood electronic taps system’s genius lies in the possibility of flow restriction and temperature control by means of a digital control panel, by setting the temperature, the flow and the running time according to the user’s needs. By looking at the panel every user can be aware of the energy consumption used at any moment, thus providing a more efficient use of the resources.

In order to simplify its control, the mixer has got various programmes with the suitable parameters that are necessary to carry out routine actions such as tooth brushing -3 l/min flow, 20ºC temperature, 10 seconds time-, hand washing –9 l/min flow, 25ºC temperature, 20 seconds time-, or face washing –6 l/min flow, 30ºC temperature, 15 seconds time-. Moreover, Mood taps provide the user with two additional programmes where the flow, the temperature and the running time parameters can be stored. Likewise, the water flow and temperature can be set at the user’s choice having the latest data stored in the mixer.

On the other hand, the tap  has got two options so that the energy consumption can be reduced: Eco Energy and Eco Water. The Eco Energy option sets the maximum running time temperature by restricting the maximum hot water consumption up to 60% or up to 30% of the capacity of the mixer, whereas, the Eco Water option restricts the maximum flow up to 60% or 30%, thus reducing the volume of water used in each moment.

By watching this tutorial video you can get to know in more detail how the Mood electronic taps  work–designed by Luis Vidal + Architects.

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