April 29, 2015 | Updated: December 12, 2019


Customize your bathroom with Systempool shower screens

The bathroom is one of the most visited rooms in a house and that is the reason why practicality and the equipment quality are a must in order to be able to enjoy this relaxing atmosphere no matter what the style is. With the aim of creating elegant functional bathroom spaces, Systempool offers a wide range of shower and bathtub shower screens, with a swing door opening and a sliding system, all of them designed to fit into spaces of any size, and thus, making the access into the shower or bathtub highly comfortable.

When opting for the shower screen which best fits in our bathroom, it is essential to choose a design in line with the space where it will be placed. The most common designs with regard to showers and bathtubs are the linear ones, just by covering a side when the shower tray or bathtub are surrounded by three walls; and the enclosure between two walls, where the shower screen gets a semi-circular or L-shaped format.

Nevertheless, Systempool has a wide range of designs, with a less standardized choice and adapting to typical barriers such as columns, steps, areas with sloping ceilings, double-storey rooms, semi-embedded bathtubs or small spaces. In addition to that, Systempool also has wider shower screens to facilitate the access to people with reduced mobility.

When making the choice of a swing or a sliding door, one must be aware of the free space surrounding the shower or bathtub and, at the same time, of the possible existing barriers blocking the opening. Furthermore, in order to ensure a free access area, and with regard to front sliding-door shower screens, such as Vitra, Silke or Yove by Systempool, the side covered by this shower screen is recommended to be 120cm, whereas in shower screens covering two sides they are available from 70cm, the same as in swing-door shower screens.

If there is enough free space surrounding the shower or bathtub and there are no barriers blocking its opening, a swing-door shower screen allows a wider and more comfortable access for the user, the same as Attica and Neo models by Systempool.

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