21 April 2022

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Cream bathroom tiles: tips and pitfalls to avoid

Bathroom décor should, ideally, be bright, hygienic, characterful and practical.

Choosing cream bathroom tiles helps tick all these boxes. The colour reflects light, is easy to maintain, and most importantly, is cheery. This article provides advice on how to make the most of cream tiles and avoid their pitfalls in bathrooms.

Cream bathroom tiles - Bottega Caliza

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Cream, the colour

As a colour, the very word conjures up a range of images. The associations that come to mind are connected with wholesomeness, the natural world and luxurious indulgence. In the UK, the colour has a specific hue that references cultural and natural phenomena; the colour of biscuit, light mustard, soft yellow, primrose etc.

Cream is, in fact, a mixture of white with a touch of yellow. The many variations on cream are a function of adding black or darker shades in order to produce a deeper hue of cream. Ivory, off-white and beige are all therefore considered cream within the decorative palette of colours.


What colours are in cream?

If we mix white with a small amount of yellow we get the colour cream. So, the family of cream tones includes off-white, beige and ivory to magnolia. The original version of the colour references the dairy product; the layer of butterfat that floats on top of freshly obtained milk.



Cream bathroom: a complete guide

The bathroom is typically a space where white predominates. However, we highly recommended featuring other colours and shades in bathroom décor to avoid a sterile-looking environment. Cream is a neutral but warm colour choice that isn’t prone to changing fads in décor. Although neutral, cream is easily distinguished as a colour in its own right, especially when juxtaposed against white. You will easily see the contrast with white sanitaryware against cream coloured tiles on walls.


All about cream bathroom tiles

Cream has just the right amount of warmth to provide a cosy feel to the hard surfaces of the bathroom. The challenge with cream bathroom tiles is to add visual interest.

To complement the cream bathroom and add interest, there are a number of tried and tested approaches:

  • Add texture and depth to the cream colour scheme with several colour variations, patterns and motifs.
  • The entire bathroom can be decorated within the same family of cream colours. Unlike other shades, cream on walls and floors works well in bathroom spaces. This is down to its reflective and neutral qualities.
  • Cream is the natural colour of a variety of materials commonly used in the bathroom. For example, marble, wood, leather, rattan, and raw textiles for soft furnishings.


Cream bathroom tiles - Malaga Beige

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Malaga Beige 25x44.3
Malaga Beige 25×44.3


Cream bathroom tile ideas

Wall tiles and floor tiles fulfil very different functions in the bathroom. On the one hand, floor tiles must be resistant and hard-wearing, easily cleaned and hygienic. Wall tiles, on the other hand, must also be resistant to moisture but, just as importantly, must reflect the light and add warmth to compensate for the hard surfaces. Cream bathroom tiles succeed on all these counts.

Below we outline design tips for a cream bathroom colour scheme:

  • We recommended varying the size, proportion and pattern of the tiles in larger bathrooms that feature a mostly cream palette. That could include plain floor tiles paired with patterned wall tiles or vice versa.
  • Accessories take on greater importance with cream tiles which are a neutral colour and fade into the background. Black metallic taps, mirror frames and details look very smart. However, brass and chrome tend to disappear when seen against cream. Find a metallic shade that provides a contrast to the cream and repeat it with different fittings i.e. towels rails, brackets, soap holders, toilet roll holders, etc.
  • Timber furniture, rattan baskets and other accessories pair well with cream. The warmth of the wood and organic tones is picked up with the cream tones.
  • If combining cream floor and wall tiles in a smaller bathroom, match the colour and dimension to visually extend the space. Larger format, rectified tiles are recommended for a more impacting effect.


Durango Bone_Deco Durango Bone

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Durango Bone
Durango Bone 120×120 (Available in-store)
Deco Durango
Deco Durango 59.6×150 (Available in-store)

Cream bathroom floor tiles

For the best use of cream floor tiles in the bathroom, follow these recommendations:

  • Cream is the ideal colour choice for porcelain and vinyl timber effect tiles in the bathroom. In fact, light woods like pine and maple actually have the classic yellow tinge of true cream. The warmth of the colour and wood texture is combined with the easier maintenance of the material.
  • Visually and practically, the best results will be provided with a rectified tile, where the joints are minimal. Cleaning is simplified and the continuous cream surface helps to make smaller bathrooms appear larger.
  • When it comes to the floor, the cream colour helps to coordinate and integrate the various elements of bathroom décor.
  • Cream bathroom floor tiles are easier to keep clean. A mottled, patterned or flat cream colour especially helps to camouflage the day-to-day marks.

Butan Bone 120cmx120cm

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Block Butan Bone 45X120
Block Butan Bone 45X120


Butan Bone Ant. 120cmx120cm
Butan Bone Antislip 120X120

Cream bathroom wall tiles

On vertical surfaces, cream wall tiles help reflect the light back into a bathroom. Handled carefully, the cream palette is luxurious and visually rich. The following tips will help achieve the best results in cream bathroom tiles:

  • Cream mosaic tiles. A great way to compensate for the ‘ordinariness’ of cream is to feature the colour in a natural mosaic tile. The texture and visual interest of the mosaic in cream tones add a Spa-like ambience to the family bathroom.
  • Large-format tiles in cream. Whether choosing a concrete effect, plain or patterned tile the larger format cream wall tile helps unify bathroom décor. The colour shade provides a non-fussy backdrop to designer sanitary ware. For the full-on luxurious effect add black metal taps and accessories.
  • Contrasts in cream shades. We recommend creating a visual contrast between floor tiles and wall tiles (plain or patterned). Alternatively, combine patterned and plain wall tiles to define specific zones within the bathroom.
  • Natural light. Cream walls tiles will help brighten up a bathroom, even with limited natural light. Tile the reveals around the widow opening and think about how best to reflect any available sunlight with cream tiles.

What colour goes with cream bathroom tiles?

There are two choices for making the best colour combinations with cream:

  • Other similar tones such as brown, white, and yellow pastel shades complement cream.
  • For more of a marked contrast pair cream with grey, soft pastel shades like sea-foam green, lavender and turquoise.


Cream and white bathroom tiles

When it comes to tiles, the single most popular combination of colours, guaranteed to work in bathroom décor, is cream and white. The white provides the hygienic and pristine finish we demand in the bathroom, while the cream lends character and warmth.


Cream and bathroom tiles

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Capri Stone 45x120
Capri Stone 45×120 (Available in-store)
Capri Bone 45x120
Capri Bone 45×120 (Available in-store)

Is cream considered to be a boring colour in bathroom décor?

No, but it all depends. The distinct advantage that cream offers is the sheer variety of tiles made in the cream colour palette. This doesn’t mean dropping our guard, however. To make bathroom décor more visually interesting the colour cream requires effort. Textures, dimensions and materials must be carefully matched and combined to provide depth and visual interest, without sacrificing an overall vision for the bathroom décor.

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