October 16, 2019 | Updated: November 13, 2019


Coverlux™: the new material from Krion inspired by natural stone

This product, with its mineral origin, comes in sheets of 2440mm x 1220mm and a  10mm thickness.

Its composition is different to that of KrionTM , but it preserves the quality and aesthetic requirements of the company.  

Krion is in an ongoing search for new solutions for interior designers, architects and designers which make them bank on quality and beauty, equally. It is from this process that Coverlux was created. We are dealing with material that is physically different to KrionTM which fits in with the company philosophy: to make people’s quality of life better on an aesthetic and functionality basis.

Highly resistant with a meticulous look

With a mineral origin, acrylated prolyester resins and pigments, Coverlux is inspired by natural stone to create four finishes which combine veining and non-shade variation. Premium Stone, the first collection, includes: Statuario Bianco, Onice Persa, Oxide Melbourne and Black Marquina; pieces which offer the most exclusive side of the material, providing greater practicality in the process.

Among the different features of Coverlux™, the OnicePersa and the Oxide Melbourne finishes stand out. Because of their backlighting ability, the possibilities for their use in coverings, hotel furnishing, restaurants and retail are increased.

The Large format

Coverlux™ is sold in sheets whose format is 2440mm x 1220mm with a 10mm thickness. Despite being large-sized elements, their small volume allows them to be easily transported and installed.

The full body condition of Coverlux is one of the other most valued characteristics by professionals, namely: its long-lasting feature, hygiene and easy maintenance. Its zero porosity prevents bacterial growth, and a nanotechnological coating provides a bactericidal effect which removes surface microbes. Furthermore,  it is especially resistant to wear and tear with no chips or cracks, which are essential qualities in spaces which have a high use.

Coverlux, the  new material from Krion for high-quality projects and excellent aesthetic.

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