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Cosy living room ideas

Generally speaking now that the winter is here we will be spending more time indoors. Between the holidays and the low temperatures staying warm and cosy at home is one of the season’s defining characteristics. The home is transformed into as a place of hibernation and its décor can help foment a sensation of calm and relaxation. Making sure that rooms like the dining room and living spaces are as comfortable as possible helps make time spent there more special. The cosy living room should take everything into consideration; materials, finishes, furniture, lighting, accessories and decorative objects. Creating a cosy living room décor can be achieved following these simple recommendations below.

How to create a cosy living room?

The architecture of the space can help create a cosy ambience. Cosy modern living room ideas can include eclectic living room styles that reflect any number of personal tastes. And yet capture the warmth, comfort and relaxed ambience that is synonymous with cosy. An inglenook with a dining table or a deep fireplace provide areas with lower ceilings off a main space that add a greater sense of enclosure. Materials and finishes are also key to creating a cosy living room. Wooden floors, warm paint colours, book shelves and the right lighting will transform a room. The cosy living room should include soft furnishings like curtains, rugs, upholstered armchairs, cushions and throws for couches. These not only help to insulate against draughts and the cold but also absorb sounds, especially important for open plan living areas.

How to make a living room cosy?

To lend a cosy feel to an existing living room accessories such as rugs, cushions and throws are a simple and effective way to create warmth.  The fireplace can also provide a great focus for creating a cosy feel, a real fire or a stove with a mantle piece which is the ideal place for decorative pieces.

Cosy living room colour schemes for winter

Colours located in the darker end of the spectrum are more suited to creating a cosy ambience. Rich deep colours like burgundy, midnight blue and tropical green tend to close spaces in on themselves. These can be used on walls or fabrics, and can easily be exchanged when the spring arrives. Another great colour option is the cosy grey living room that avoids the sterile white with a more nuanced colour palette. Grey goes with everything and manages to be both neutral but characterful at the same time. Even a small cosy living room with the right colour scheme can be welcoming and not feel claustrophobic.

Cosy Christmas living room

Christmas is the very essence of cosy, a time of family get-togethers, meeting friends and celebrating. A time when livings rooms are filled with decorations, trees laden with gifts, a fire burning in the hearth and a dining table groaning with festive fare. The cosy feel however does not necessarily have to end with Christmas but can last all winter long with the right design approach.

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