October 11, 2021


La cocina de sus sueños en un solo ‘click’

PORCELANOSA brand Gamadecor has developed a digital programme enabling users to select different models and textures to design their own personalised kitchen.

A new online planning tool from Gamadecor brings digital transformation to kitchen design. The PORCELANOSA brand has developed a web programme enabling users to personalise their kitchen of choice, quickly and simply.

Bespoke kitchens with the Porcelanosa quality hallmark

The firm is set to start testing the high-tech solution in Spain on its website (https://www.gama-decor.com/configurador/). It means browsers can test see - in an instant - how their future kitchen will look, with option to switch the layout (galley, L or U-shaped, peninsula or island), materials and finishes. There will also be a style test on the platform, with six simple questions to help ascertain the potential customer's tastes, preferences, and budget, to make sure the design is as realistic as possible.

Once you've chosen the model and style you want to see in 3D, you can switch the colours, handles or textures until you finally arrive at your dream kitchen. You also get a décor guide with a number of proposals and estimated budget. “Este nuevo configurador es la herramienta perfecta para descubrir cada una de nuestras cocinas con los acabados a medida que ofrecemos. Se trata de acercar nuestra marca al cliente convirtiéndolo en parte de nuestro equipo para que sus diseños e ideas creativas se lleven a cabo con las calidades de Porcelanosa”, explican desde Gamadecor.

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