February 13, 2020


The concrete bathroom, raw, industrial and stylish 

One of the most versatile and sculptural of man-made materials concrete has been around since Roman times. In fact the buildings and infrastructure that have survived from that period owe much to the Roman’s superior quality concrete. Concrete remains an important building material today. Not just for structural purposes but more and more as an interior finish, unadorned, in its own right. Nowhere is this more appropriate than the bathroom. To achieve the concrete look in a practical and functional manner concrete effect tiles expressed in ceramic are a great option. The wide range of concrete tiles produced by Porcelanosa provides a broad spectrum of shades and patinas. Concrete effect tile has a low porosity and therefore is resistant to moisture penetration.  Subtle textures provide a raw and textured contrast to the typical pristine sanitary ware of the contemporary bathroom. This article considers different ideas for featuring concrete in the bathroom to achieve a contemporary industrial style décor.

Providing an impeccable finish for the concrete bathroom

Concrete is one of the most plastic of building materials, it adopts the shape of the formwork (or mould) in which it’s cast. The final result depends greatly on the quality of the formwork and grade of the concrete. The choice of concrete bathroom tiles then is a way of ensuring the highest quality finish possible. Both in terms of the aggregate and the finish. The concrete tile bathroom recreates authentically the look of raw set concrete. Achieved thanks to the large dimension format tiles that can be adapted to more generous or smaller scale bathrooms. Remember that the concrete kitchen is also a font of inspiration for configuring and designing the bathroom.  

How to use concrete for different areas of the bathroom

Concrete bathroom floor ideas can include matching complimentary wall cladding materials such as wood, mosaic or even luxurious marble. A strong contrast can help draw attention to the industrial quality of concrete tile flooring. Alternatively for a more integrated décor combine with a concrete bathroom wall. The use of concrete effect wall tiles is versatile and extremely robust as well as being easy to maintain. Shower enclosures, baths, vanity units can all be clad with the same concrete tiles. For a more designer statement the polished concrete bathroom elevates the material through a luxurious and sophisticated shiny finish.

Concrete tiles for outdoors

The concrete effect tile is also suitable for external use. The Urbatek collection of ceramic tiles recreates the aesthetic of cast concrete with a slimline and lightweight range that is sufficiently resistant for use outdoors. Avoiding the requirement for formwork the concrete look is more easily controlled for a more even result. The low porosity and colour control are just some of the other reasons this collection has become popular with architects. 


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