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How to choose kitchen taps

The type of spout, where it is installed and how it operates are aspects that will determine your choice of a wide range of kitchen taps available

Kitchen taps are an essential part of any home. In addition to providing water for cooking and cleaning, they can have a significant impact on the aesthetics and functionality of the room.

Our current approach to homes views the kitchen as a more experiential, modern and elegant space. A place in which to stir our (culinary) creativity and where every piece that makes it up takes on special importance. Kitchen taps are a fundamental component that has to combine design, exclusivity and a practical spirit.
But what's the right kitchen tap for each situation? What functions can kitchen taps have? How is it installed? What maintenance do they need? What is osmosis?
Below, we will define the different types of kitchen taps, the characteristics to keep in mind when choosing one and how to keep them good as new.

Arquitect kitchen taps by Noken

Grifería de cocina Arquitect de Noken

Types of kitchen taps

Different kitchen taps are available, categorised by the type of lever, pull-out elements, location, spout and operation. They offer a wide range of customisation options so you can adjust them perfectly to any need.
These are the most common types of kitchen taps:

Matt black Arquitect kitchen tap by Noken.
Matt black Arquitect kitchen tap by Noken.

Mixer kitchen tap

Mixer taps are the most widely used option in most modern kitchens. They have a single lever that controls both the water flow and its temperature. This makes it easy to quickly and precisely adjust the water, which is particularly useful when cooking.

• Easy to use with one hand.
• Precise temperature and water flow control.
• Contemporary and elegant design.

Dual-lever kitchen tap

Dual-lever taps have two handles, one each for cold and hot water. It should be noted that they can have a classic design and are an excellent option for traditional kitchens.

• Clear separation between hot and cold water.
• Classic style that adapts well to traditional kitchens.
• Durability.

Urban Stick Chrome pull-out kitchen tap by Noken.
Urban Stick Chrome pull-out kitchen tap by Noken.

Pull-out kitchen taps

Pull-out kitchen taps, also known as shower taps, have a head that can be removed from the body of the tap. This makes it easier to rinse large dishes and pots.

Advantages of choosing a pull-out tap:
• More reach and versatility.
• Easier to clean large utensils.
• Useful for filling high pots.

Wall-mounted kitchen tap

Wall-mounted kitchen taps are installed on the wall over the sink instead of on the countertop or sink. They are the best option for a clean and minimalist look in the kitchen.

• Saves space on the countertop.
• Elegant and modern design.
• Easy to clean around the sink

Other aspects to consider in kitchen taps

In addition to the types of kitchen taps, there are other important characteristics to consider in these elements when it comes to selecting the right model.

Building materials

The quality of a kitchen tap depends largely on the material used to make it. Stainless steel is the most common option, thanks to its durability and corrosion resistance. Other common materials include brass and chrome.

Colours and finishes

Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms offer a wide range of kitchen taps, which include finishes such as: brushed SS, titanium/brushed titanium, copper/brushed copper, chrome and black. A full line-up, part of the Finish Studio collection, that can be tailored to any trend.

(1) Round Inox Brushed Copper kitchen tap by Noken. (2) Osmosis kitchen tap by Noken. (3) Bridge Slim Titanium kitchen tap by Noken.

Style and design

The style of kitchen tap should complement the design of the room. You can opt for a modern, classic or rustic style that adapts perfectly to the aesthetics of the rest of the home.

Water saving

Kitchen taps with water-saving technology help reduce consumption and costs over time. A good example are the elements included in the WaterForest initiative of Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms. There are different models that can save up to 89% of this scarce resource.

How to maintain a kitchen tap

The maintenance and cleaning of a kitchen tap are essential for it to work properly and to prolong its useful life. These four tips will help you keep your kitchen taps like new for longer:

Fold Chrome folding kitchen tap by Noken.

Fold Chrome folding kitchen tap by Noken.

Daily cleaning

Clean the tap with a soft cloth and warm water regularly to prevent the build-up of hard water stains. Avoid using abrasive chemicals that can damage the finish.

Regular checks

It is important to check periodically for leaks in the joints and connections. This way, you can detect possible problems and avoid further damage.

Protection against lime

In geographic areas with hard water, a softener should be installed to reduce the build-up of lime.

Annual inspection

Inspect your kitchen tap annually to identify any potential wear or other problems.

Kitchen tap with an osmosis system

Kitchen taps with an osmosis system provide instant access to fresh and pure water without the need to buy water bottles constantly or install a separate filtration system. It's an innovative solution that combines a traditional tap with the ability to purify water right at the sink. These systems rely on reverse osmosis to eliminate impurities, sediments, chlorine and unwanted flavours, providing clean water instantly.

Benefits of kitchen taps with osmosis:

Osmosis taps by Noken.
Osmosis taps by Noken.

Pure water instantly: You don't have to wait for the water to filter or boil. A simple twist of the handle gives you pure, crystal-clear water for drinking or cooking.

Saves space: Unlike separate filtration systems, kitchen taps with osmosis don't take up any additional space on the countertop or under the sink.

Less waste: Since you don't need plastic water bottles, you produce less waste.

Better flavour: The reverse osmosis process removes unwanted flavours and smells from running water.

Health and safety: Purified water is essential for a healthy life.

Choosing the right kitchen taps is essential to the functionality and style of the room. You have to take into account aspects such as the needs of the home, its type and style to select the perfect design. Once installed, with proper maintenance, your kitchen taps will stay good as new for years to come. Functional tools and design elements that are essential in every home.

Visit your nearest PORCELANOSA store to see all the options in kitchen taps.

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