3 May 2021


Comprehensive bathroom solutions with the Oxo collection by Noken

The PORCELANOSA Group firm has added new taps, shower columns, towel rails, countertops and washbasins to the collection, with every design uniting sustainability and the cutting-edge.

Presented with the If Design Awards 2020 Award and Green Good Design 2020 in the Green Product Design category, the Oxo collection by Noken is trending yet again thanks to the introduction of new bathroom elements. These include taps, shower heads, shower columns, towel rails and countertops with integrated washbasins, with pure, geometric forms that champion simple design in each finish.

With a cutting-edge look and versatile, resistant construction, Oxo brings minimalism and sustainability together in every piece. This runs through the countertops, clad in the XTONE sintered mineral compact, in Glem Nature and Bottega Acero finishes.

The high technical performance of the material makes for more attractive and more hygienic spaces, thanks to its high level of impermeability, scratch resistance, easy cleaning and minimal maintenance.

Another standout option in terms of countertops is to integrate your washbasin into the overall structure, and achieve an infinite design look with the XTONE collections (available for the surface).

Futuristic and sustainable taps

Oxo taps stand out for their modern aesthetic and multiple finishes available (chrome, brushed titanium and matt black), giving you extensive options for a customised bathroom and the added plus of water savings (WaterForest range).


The eco-friendly system limits your consumption of this precious natural resource to a maximum of 5 l/min, thanks to the flow limiters that promote energy savings (cold start). As well as these features, the Maximum Chrome and PVD finishes using Finish Studio technology will add an even more exclusive look.

The PORCELANOSA Group firm has also added further products to ensure you can get a unified aesthetic and make the most of space: towel rails featuring pure, straight lines and shower heads with Finish Studio finishes (matt black and brushed titanium). The latter is available in mixer tap format for showers with 2 or 5 water outlets.

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