March 22, 2023


Porcelanosa’s water commitment

The multinational reuses industrial waters in order to reduce its water footprint

Sustainability is one of the core pillars of Porcelanosa, which since its beginnings has promoted actions aimed at reducing its impact on the environment, such as reusing industrial waters and the installation of dry technology for its ceramic production processes.

Porcelanosa tiene cinco estaciones de agua residuales en sus instalaciones centrales, con el objetivo de reciclar el 100% de sus recursos hídricos para reintroducirlos en el proceso de producción y mecanizado de las piezas cerámicas de Porcelanosa y XTONE, de la piedra natural de L’Antic Colonial o de Krion®.

In addition, the company has established a direct connection with the joint wastewater treatment plant in Vila-real, town where its headquarters and production plants are located. Furthermore, Porcelanosa has a water supply network that is fully channelled and with control points installed to analyse the industrial performance and reuse of water.

The products of Noken, the bathroom firm, encourage the responsible use of water and the optimisation of natural resources in the home through the WaterForest programme. The programme includes cold-start taps, ECO dual-flush toilets, aerators and shower trays, products that can reduce the amount of water consumed in the bathroom by up to 60%.

For its part, Gamadecor has improved kitchen design and manufacturing, offering advanced management tools which can be used to achieve greater energy efficiency and responsible consumption of natural resources, for example through the safe disposal of surplus water from the painting process.

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