February 14, 2019 | Updated: December 31, 2019


Comfort and Premium design with the new Emotions kitchen by Gamadecor

The E9.30 XLight Liem Dark Silk and Roble Cuero model stands out because of the hidden backlit panels, the tall unit area and the coplanar-opening system.

The XLight porcelain which covers the wall makes it possible to have the working area and the storage area joined together.  

Gamadecor has modernised the kitchen concept through the latest technology, along with new storage devices. A philosophy which has made it possible to have this space socialised, so that it can be used to work in and to get together with friends and family. This is the line followed by the Emotions E9.30 XLight Liem Dark Silk and Roble Cuero kitchen, where comfort and design go hand in hand.

The Premium character of this kitchen can be found in its materials, with the large-format XLight Liem Dark Silk porcelain from Urbatek and the Roble cuero wall tile being the standout elements. The resistance by XLight to temperature changes, together with its colour balance and its constructive strength have made these two materials become the ideal solution for this type of equipment.

Chameleon-like subtlety

Although they can go unnoticed at first glance, the kitchen is full of drawers and cupboards that are neatly arranged, which sees their capacity extended. The panels, which are backlit and vertically positioned,  incorporate the extractor hood and the different compartments that are home to the kitchenware and food products. The sink and the cooking hobs are built into the worktop and they are in line with the rest of the parts.

Its tall unit area has a coplanar opening-system, hence the unit-opening is easy and in line with the rest of the objects. A space that gives way to a central island, which consists of a storage unit, an oven and a large table, which makes trying out new dishes during the cooking process so much better.

Technology which refines taste and culinary sensitivity.

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