October 4, 2019


Comfort leads the way in a chalet in Courchevel

The female architect, Valentine Glutron, has enhanced the vintage interior design of this project with the natural collections from L’Antic Colonial and the signature bathrooms from Noken.

A Turkish bath with marble and slate as the main materials, has been built on the lower floor of this house.

In Courchevel, Les Mesnuls in France, we have the Manasa chalet. With six floors and an 800m2 area, this house in The Alps has been built by the female architect, Valentine Glutron. With a vintage-styled interior design, where golden, brown and grey tones play the leading role; each room has been enhanced with the collections from PORCELANOSA Group, where open and unified spaces have been opted for.

Bathrooms thought up to be natural caves

The Habana Grey Classico marble from L’Antic Colonial stands out on the walls and the floors in several bathrooms. This Asian stone combines brown and black tones and this contrast creates structures which reminds us of the inside of a cave. That habitat is enhanced with the double basin made of the Minim Doble Grey Stone natural stone and wall furniture which is covered with the Faces ceramic wall tile. Its geometric and three-dimensional design creates an interesting volume combination which increases the light and depth of this space.

The double basin made of the Shima Stone Grey Classico natural stone by L’Antic Colonial, which is located in the master bedroom, is combined with a low shelf made of natural stone and a mirror from the Minim collection.

One of the other impressive rooms is the guest bedroom, where some items have been included, namely: a Japanese-styled NK Concept toilet from Noken, the Lignage signature taps by Ramón Esteve and a single lever from the Lounge taps designed by Simone Micheli. The pieces from this series show straight and sinuous finishes focused on sustainability which is the main objective. The Forma collection from Noken in a chrome finish provides the bathroom with a different touch, since its minimal design banks on geometric shapes and pieces which are more functional.

A hamam inside the house

On the lower floor of this house, a Turkish bath (hamam) with the Lounge taps and the Buddha Persian White white stone from L’Antic Colonial has been built. It is also in this space where a hand shower with a whirlpool belonging to the Cota collection from Noken has been included.

All these elements take on special importance with the Mini Iris Grey Pearl mosaic, which is the main wall tile in the hamam, along with the Airslate Metal slate sheet which comes in a 240cm x 120cm format. This natural stone is not only resistant to high temperatures and humidity but also any issues caused by fumes and gases; it improves sound insulation in the spaces as well for good measure.



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