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Best Colours for Bathrooms: Ideas and Inspiration

Colours for bathrooms should be considered in the same way as for any other room in the house.  There are differences, of course, and the best colours for bathrooms consider the size and available natural light. The more natural light there is, the darker the colour tones can be, and vice versa.

Although most people tend toward more conservative choices when it comes to bathroom colours, there is no reason for avoiding bolder, more daring options. Colour ideas for bathrooms include wall and floor tile surfaces, wall paint, wallpaper and bathroom accessories.  Continue reading to learn how to choose the best colour scheme for your bathroom, taking into account its size, style, and a variety of other factors.


Introduce life to an existing bathroom with colour

By simply giving the bathroom walls a coat of colourful paint, new life can be injected into a stale space. It’s advisable to use waterproof paint for bathrooms, especially in the vicinity of showers and bathtubs. And if you want to take it a step further, using coloured bathroom tiles, or even combining two or more tiles of different styles and colours, is an excellent way to revitalise the bathroom space, giving it a new look that is full of energy and vitality.

Ceiling paint for bathrooms is another surprisingly effective way to freshen up the space, especially if bold colour is involved. Accessories like towels, bath mats, plants and even a shower curtain can equally do the trick with strong colour statements.



Colours that combine well together in the bathroom

For more ambitious redecoration projects, tried and tested colour combinations provide a ready-made solution. Blue and yellow, mixing earthy tones like dark greens with off-white, neutral shades such as aubergine, oatmeal, beige and other browns with stronger colour accents. The following are some of the best colour scheme ideas for your bathroom.


What are the best colours for bathrooms?

White appeals to everybody because of its association with cleanliness and light. Increasingly, however, shades of grey, blue, green and more nuanced neutral tones are being featured by interior designers. Blues, greens and greys are hard to beat in the bathroom because of their association with water and their compatibility with bathroom fittings.


What colour goes with grey bathroom tiles? 

Because most sanitary ware is white, the use of grey tiles is a flattering option for any bathroom. The grey and white bathroom combination is a classic one that will never appear dated. But for added zest, introduce a third colour. Choose a trendy bathroom colour scheme, such as grey and green. Check out this guide on how to incorporate grey into your bathroom with ceramic tiles and other decorative elements for more inspiration.


Is green a good bathroom colour?

There are numerous shades of green to compliment any colour palette. No matter the size or daylight availability a suitable shade of green will bring any bathroom to life. Green bathroom tiles are a great way to easily and effectively incorporate this colour. Here are some of the best green bathroom tile ideas. Get inspired!


What is a relaxing colour for a bathroom?

According to science, certain colours are more relaxing than others. Blues, greens and pastel shades in the pink and violet end of the spectrum are soothing and calming.



The best colour options for small bathrooms

When selecting colours for small bathrooms, extra care should be taken because the effect is more exaggerated in a smaller space. Bathroom paint can be coordinated with other materials and furnishings to achieve a cohesive look. For small WCs – like the ground floor courtesy toilet – imaginations should be unhindered. Here is an opportunity for creative experimentation and testing out more avant-garde combinations of materials and colours.


What colour makes a small bathroom look bigger?

White reflects light better than any other colour, so choose white tiles and fixtures to make the bathroom look bigger.


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