April 13, 2022


Porcelanosa's colours for winning interiors

If you want to give a space an authentic look, opting for neutral, warm or bluish shades coupled with wood, ceramic floor tiles or wallpaper makes a fine choice.

Emotions and personal wellbeing play an important role when you're designing a space. If you want to create a truly sensory experience, getting your materials, lighting and colours right in your interior design scheme is just as important as the furnishings or objects you incorporate.

In current interior design, elements such as comfort, health and sustainability are gaining ground, along with creating a sense of seclusion. We're seeing an experience-driven approach, through the use of natural textures, immersive forms and balanced colour schemes. This décor guide by PORCELANOSA Group takes a look at these elements and how they influence your room scheme.

Bright yet discrete interiors in white and beige

Using neutral tones like white, beige and grey makes spaces brighter, creating a more spacious feeling in your home.

If you want to achieve a sense of comfort and calm, you might consider 3D Nasrid-style ceramic tiles (Nazari Ifrane by L'Antic Colonial), terrazzo-inspired ceramic floor tiles (Treviso in white by Porcelanosa) or porcelain tiles with the look of white marble (Montreal Nature by XTONE®). This is especially true of spaces where space may be limited, such as your bathroom or hallway, where natural light is key.

Thanks to the wonderful sense of cleanliness and infinite look it provides, this colour is becoming increasingly popular in kitchens. These two properties define the Wabi kitchen range by Gamadecor, with an off-white XTONE® worktop punctuated by black accents, resulting in an infinite design that perfectly balances the working and dining areas.

Another option for an all-white bathroom is to blend white elements (furnishings, tables or walls) with natural wood or ceramic floor tiles (PAR-KER® range by Porcelanosa). The KRION® Lux mineral surface is a timeless design that will lend style and lightness to your kitchen. What's more, the solid surface makes for a more hygienic space, thanks to its almost completely non-porous nature and bacteriostatic composition.

White and beige also dominate the new mineral-based Fitwall® panels by KRION®. The Arco and Rolling series recreate the texture of limestone, with realistic surfaces and volumes. These solutions can be used to clad walls or furnishings, and pair perfectly with wood furnishings and vibrant textiles in reds, greens or blues.

Inviting interiors in earthy hues

Ushering natural landscapes and contrasts indoors is a trend on the rise in interior design. Earthy tones (brown, sand, red, ochre, mustard yellow and grey), natural stone and wood are the most popular materials in the realm of organic design.

We're seeing this aesthetic line more and more in bathrooms, and it runs through the Pangea natural granite collection (Altissima by XTONE®) and Bottega Moka by Porcelanosa, a large format, concrete-feel ceramic tile. Other collections from the firm sure to up the feel of serenity and warmth of interiors include Roma Noce porcelain stoneware, with graphics that perfectly recreate the cracked veins and the colour of brown Emperor marble. It's a good idea to combine your earthy hues with whites or even bottle green to make sure you don't end up with a dark room - harmonious room scheme guaranteed.

Refreshing and colourful interiors

Whilst Nordic interiors offer a restrained, monochrome aesthetic, Mediterranean spaces featuring white and blue, sea green water or even pastel shades stand out for their freshness and vitality. If you want to achieve summery results, opting for wallpaper with exotic or geometric motifs (Skins Wallpaper collection by L'Antic Colonial) or even blue porcelain tiles such as Blue Roma by XTONE® is a sure-fire way of adding personality and peace to your home.

Pairing blues and whites, or whites and golds, is one of the most popular interior design schemes in bathrooms and living rooms. Get the look with glazed mosaics (Crystal Blue by L'Antic Colonial) or lacquered furnishings in Forest green, Merlot burgundy, or Almond beige. These are just some of the Noken colour options you can achieve with the Finish Studio aesthetic for baths, taps and wall-mounted washbasins such as Essence C, with flamingo pink trending strong. Colourful bathrooms, and instant design icons.

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