November 30, 2022


The latest colour trends for kitchens

The shades chosen for this space will depend on the dimensions and the desired interior design, in keeping with the rest of the home

In recent years, the kitchen has gained more prominence as it has become a room with many different functions: working, making delicious recipes and sharing moments with family and friends. This is why it needs to be a pleasant and comfortable environment, and therefore the choice of colours is crucial.

Elegance with wood

Light wood kitchens can suit any colour combination, creating a warm and welcoming ambience that works with all styles of decor. In addition, the use of blue or green details, such as on the drawers or the upper area, will help your kitchen stand out from the rest (E5.00 Ocean Blue and E6.70 Nogal Seda, both from Gamadecor).

Another option is dark wood, a style associated with classic decor. These kitchens tend to be cooler, and to enhance the brightness, profiles from Butech's Pro-light collection can be added to display cabinets or work areas.

Neutral colours for the kitchen

There is a wide variety of combinations with every shade that can create different effects in this room. Kitchens with neutral colours, like white combined with black, lend elegance and brightness to this space. These colours are usually used in smaller kitchens to maintain the sensation of spaciousness. The use of these colours also enhances the sense of natural light that can enter the space (R4.70 Blanco Sal, from Gamadecor).

To balance the use of dark colours, it is advisable to apply them on the lower units or on a wall, depending on the size of the kitchen.

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