August 17, 2017 | Updated: January 8, 2020


Colors Collection with Metal Mosaics: multichromatic geometry

The use of geometric figures in decoration has become a trend in both floor tiles and wall tiles, as well as in decorative elements. For this reason, L’Antic Colonial has opted for a new collection of mosaics, namely Metal Mosaic, which advocates geometric shapes with colorful references which are capable of evoking personality and character in any atmosphere: The Colors collection.

Specifically, there are eight small hexagonal aluminum tiles that make up the new Colors collection. Small pieces which create, as a whole, a composition of different shades in the same colour, as well as creating a mosaic with an imposing visual look and originality. Its distinction is again evident in its irregular diamond texture, a brushed effect which adds volume as well as texture to the whole set.

Chromatically, the references respond to the requirements of unique shades such as: green, blue, purple, brown, gray and red, which are called: Olive, Forest, Jean, Crimson, Nebulous, Space, Pepper and Chocolate. These are designed in order to be the perfect complement for different materials, offering the possibility of creating almost infinite combinations. Colour combinations that are just perfect for shaking up minimalist style atmospheres, as well as providing differential touches to eclectic inspiration type atmospheres.

The Colors collection, beyond its unique aesthetic, meets some enviable technical feature requirements, since, although it is recommended for indoor wall tiles, it can be placed in areas that are exposed to moisture such as bathrooms or kitchens. Therefore, the versatility of this material allows for any area in the house to be improved in an effective and attractive way. With regard to formats, the eight references in this collection are available in a 28.5×30.5×0.2cm format, in a matt finish that simulates an aging look.

The Metal Mosaics from the new Colors series has been created to impress , and as a creative solution to create atmospheres with a distinctive accent and character.

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